An example of typical eating and grocery shopping habits while living in Belize!

Eating and grocery shopping for expats in Belize.
I have had a lot of questions recently about exactly how expensive it is to shop in Belize – especially in San Pedro, because it is an island. There is no doubt that imported foods are very expensive in Belize – but as you figure out what is a good value and what you can live without, it becomes a lot more reasonable! You do have to change your cooking and eating habits somewhat in living here, and if you are only here for a short visit, and looking for some US foods, you might think it is very expensive. For a short visit, you don’t have to commit to changes in your eating, for great value – just enjoy the vast array of amazing street food options and local foods that are very reasonably priced – chicken, rice and beans, and burritos and tacos of all sorts can be found for $5us or less. Most restaurants have great specials and/or a few local dishes on the menu that are much lower priced.So yesterday I went to the farmer’s market stand and got the following:

-1 head cabbage
-2 heads iceberg lettuce
-3 potatoes
-1 cucumber
-1 carrot
-4 purple onions
-9 habaneros
-1 bunch cilantro
-5 roma tomatoes
-3 green peppers
Total: $15usd

Then I stopped by Pollo Feliz where I bought 2 huge rotisserie chickens, which come with a huge stack of homemade corn tortillas and a bunch of homemade pico de gallo. This was $20usd.

With this, and some white vinegar, mayo, shredded cheese, milk, butter, and salad dressing that I had on hand, I was able to make several days of meals for two people. The first dinner was chicken with mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and dinner salad. I also made Belizean pickled onions (habaneros and onions boiled with white vinegar and then a touch of Splenda – put it on everything!) There were several lunches of chicken tacos with the pico, corn tortillas, and shredded cheese. You can also put chicken on a dinner salad with this combination. This is approximately enough for a few days of meals for most people. (I also boiled a dozen eggs which is a cheap breakfast.) With the eggs and other ingredients, the total for two people to eat for a few days was less than $50usd. And this is all whole, natural food that wasn’t difficult to prepare, and you can eat this combination a LOT without getting tired of it!

Eating and grocery shopping habits for expats in Belize!

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