Land at Local Prices: Cheap Land in Belize

Land at Local Prices

There are two real estate markets in Belize – the international market for foreigners in tourist areas advertised on real estate websites… and there is the local market for cheap land in Belize.  Most older Belizeans at some point were lucky enough to be granted land under the condition that the land was productive. Others leased land from the government that they could title for a small fee.

Cheap Land in Belize

Find Cheap Land in Belize

Today, Belizeans can still apply for government land and receive it for pennies on the dollar.

Many locals need to sell and will sell cheap land in Belize, at prices far below the international market. Wow Belize has developed relationships with local brokers who can find these bargains and offer them to qualified clients. These deals NEVER MAKE IT TO THE INTERNET– as they are sold immediately.

While some of these lands are in uncharted regions, more due diligence is required, but some of these properties will be sold for PENNIES on the dollar. The best way to find cheap land in Belize, whether its jungle, riverfront, savannah or islands is to contact an agent with these local connections.

As every savvy investor knows, buying undervalued assets is the key to profits. Simply contact us to let us know what type and size acreage you are interested in and we will find it. You can also subscribe to our listing newsletter to see our best deals in your inbox, every week!

View our listings and find cheap land in Belize.

If you are in the market for owning your first property in paradise, then look no further; Browse our website and learn more about Belize, whether you have specific questions, or just want to read more about the Caribbean lifestyle. Our team has also written, photographed, edited and published a relocation guide, which has been featured on several travel websites!


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If you are looking for affordable land in the Caribbean, look no further. Wow Belize Real Estate brings offers local land at affordable prices. Not all deals make it to the internet so let us know exactly what you are looking for!

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  • I’m interested in getting to know you. We’re coming to Belize next February for two weeks to look around and we’re planning on relocating there… Steven

    • Hi!
      I forwarded your message to our agents, we will be contacting you shortly.
      Thanks for using our contact form, see you next February.
      WowBelize Admin

  • I invested in Belize previously but because of some complications I lost the property. I have a goal of about 2 years moving there. Do you have some pennies on the dollars property that might be able to be acquired?

    • Hello!
      Our agent will be contacting you shortly with all the information on this property.
      Thanks for using our contact form.

      —WowBelize admin

  • I intend on relocating to Belize and I am looking for property. There are several different options I am open to however beach front is top priority be it acreage with a small strip of water front or property on the cayes every penny counts so to enable my relocation I must find property cheaper from what is currently offered on the internet to foreigners.