Beautiful Belize Islands for Sale —  The Ultimate Luxury

Who hasn’t dreamt of owning an island in the Caribbean? One of the many privileges of living in the Belizean coast is being able to hop on a boat to  explore and have adventures in more than 400 islands surrounded by crystal clear water.

In the past decade, international decision makers, movie stars and business owners have come to the Caribbean to build eco-resorts and private retreats on medium sized islands. Throughout the years, our clients have wondered if these island properties for sale are available only to the ultra-rich. To the surprise of many, some of these Belizean islands are available to purchase at less than what a city apartment would cost in the USA or Europe.

Ready to buy an Island in Belize?

Many of these islands remain in the hands of families who purchased them decades ago, and rarely change owners— In order to save you a long boat expedition, our team has explored the Caribbean sea to find the islands that are available for sale in Belize.

Whether you’re looking for an island to yourself, or are ready to purchase with a group of friends, these Belize islands for sale are rare opportunities waiting for the right buyers. Scroll down for a testimonial video sent by the proud owner of a Belizean island and contact us for a viewing or additional information.

Belize Islands for Sale

Owner Testimonial — Belize Islands for Sale

After years of pondering the idea of buying an island in the Caribbean, Ramon decided to take a leap of faith and invest in what would be the greatest adventure of his life.

We are proud to have helped him buy his dream island property, and he was generous enough to send us a video of his new island lifestyle in Belize!

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Still looking for that perfect island for sale?

Don’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, some islands sell before they’re even online. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find the right property as it’s available for sale.