25 acres of Stunning Tranquility — Turneffe Island Islands

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25 Acres of Island Tranquility

ReMax VIP is thrilled to share this amazing new listing of 24.99 Acres on Turneffe Island! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to live the Caribbean life on your own slice of a beautiful, tranquil island!

With an impressive Caribbean Sea frontage spanning over 500 feet, this property basks in a warm tropical climate, perpetually caressed by gentle sea breezes. Such conditions ensure year-round comfort and tranquility, making it an inviting haven for those seeking respite from the chaos of daily life. Nearby, two renowned resorts, the Turneffe Island Resort and the Blackbird Caye Resort, underscore the allure of this area.


This 24.99-acre parcel is located along the eastern shores of Turneffe Island, situated about 20 miles away from the shores of Belize City. This beautiful island is nestled within the expansive Turneffe Atoll, renowned as Belize’s largest coral atoll, and is located 20 miles west of the Great Blue Hole.

The Great Blue Hole is a world-renowned natural wonder located off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea. The Great Blue Hole is situated near the center of Lighthouse Reef, which is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. It lies approximately 43 miles from the mainland of Belize and is accessible by boat or by air from Belize City.

The Great Blue Hole is a large, circular underwater sinkhole that formed during the ice age when sea levels were much lower, as the ocean levels rose, the cave system flooded, creating a massive, deep blue sinkhole. The hole is circular in shape and has a diameter of about 1,000 feet and a depth of about 410 feet making it one of the deepest “blue holes” in the world.

The Belize Barrier Reef, including the Great Blue Hole, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. The entire reef system is recognized for its outstanding natural beauty and ecological significance.

The Great Blue Hole is a popular destination for scuba divers from around the world. Divers are drawn to the site to explore its underwater formations, stalactites, and diverse marine life, including reef sharks and various species of fish. Diving in the Great Blue Hole requires advanced SCUBA diving skills due to its depth. Divers can descend through the clear blue water and explore the underwater stalactite formations, which are remnants of the cave systems that existed before the sea levels rise.

This area is also famed for its premier sport fishing locales, as well as stunning sandy beaches that meet the emerald and sapphire waters of the Turneffe Atoll reef. Unblemished and undeveloped, this vast plot of 24.99 acres offers an ideal canvas for those eager to craft a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, divers, and anyone seeking serenity amidst the ocean’s marvels.

Development Possibilities

This property not only presents an exceptional investment opportunity but also opens doors to explore and safeguard the delicate Caribbean Sea ecosystems. These coral reefs aren’t merely a beautiful spectacle but serve a vital role in preserving the marine life that defines this region’s health and vibrancy.

Consider building a eco-friendly resort or sustainable accommodations that blend with the environment to capitalize on the natural beauty of Belize, as well as the growth of eco-tourism around the globe that brings many people here.

Another opportunity to capitalize on the growth of eco-tourism would be to contribute to marine and reef conservation efforts in the area, and develop a Marine Research and Conservation center. You could collaborate with the many local conservation organizations such as: Oceana in Belize, SEA Belize, or ReefCi to offer educational as well as eco-tourism opportunities.

Being in close proximity to the barrier reef, a Diving and Water Sports Center could be a very lucrative investment. You could start a Dive Shop and offer a variety of services to the divers including: equipment rental and storage, providing diving courses, taking divers and snorkelers out on trips, and tours to the famous Great Blue Hole.

You could also create an island wellness and spa retreat with spa facilities, yoga studios, and meditation spaces to take advantage of the tranquil, private island setting and offer an uncommon and unforgettable experience.

Another lucrative development opportunity would be upscale private residences or a luxurious island community. With a focus on privacy, personalized services, and top-notch amenities your development would be sure to attract those looking for a luxurious island experience.

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