Belize Homes for Sale

In 2001, the Belizean government started allowing non-citizens to purchase property. Given that Belize law is based on English common law and how simple it is to buy property, Belize real estate has become a hot topic among expats from the USA and Canada.

In the past 20 years, hundreds of houses have been built on idyllic Belizean land and their value keeps increasing year after year. Whether you’re interested in Belize homes for sale as an investor, or to escape the big city, this country has an ideal house for every buyer.

From modern beachfront homes, to private jungle cabins, our team has explored every district in Belize to find the right home for you.

In the market for a new home in Belize but don’t know where to begin?

Let our team of experts find the right home for you. In order to help you relocate safely, our path together extends well past buying a house. We are here to help in all aspects of your relocation, from setting a financial structure, to finding healthcare providers and even bringing your pets!

Belize Homes for Sale

On the hunt for a new home in Belize?

Let us know what your dream property looks like, our agents will find the right property for you.  Our selection of Belize homes for sale grows every week and some homes sell before making it to the website!