Lucrative Opportunity —100 Waterfront Acres near Coconut/Gales Point Gales Point, Belize

USD 350,000
SKU: L314
Property type: Lots


  • Large Acreage
  • Road access
  • Waterfront


Eco Resort Potential

ReMax VIP announces an incredible opportunity in property development.  We can offer you a stunning 100-acre waterfront parcel north of Gales Point, perfect for development. Situated in the beautiful Manatee region, this prime location is 10 minutes from the recently paved Coastal Highway. The George Price Highway in Belize is a major roadway connecting Belize city to the western border with Guatemala. It plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation and trade within the country. Additionally, the highway offers access to various attractions and lifestyle amenities, making it an essential route for locals and tourists – and for you; easy access.


Imagine the possibilities, especially as this land sits across the water from Coconut Point, the area’s premier planned lifestyle community. With nearly half a mile of sandy waterfront along the serene inner lagoon, these lots are perfect for water enthusiasts and nature lovers. Whether you enjoy fishing, kayaking, or simply reveling in the natural beauty of the surroundings, this property provides quick access to the Caribbean Sea, numerous islands, and the world’s second-largest Barrier Reef. Take a moment to appreciate this unique opportunity now and how you could unlock the potential of this remarkable piece of land.


The paving of the Coastal highway has created countless investment opportunities as access and now traffic to these untouched regions is increasing daily.  South Belizeans and residents now bypass Belmopan and reach Belize city in an hour less time.

We are at ground level and as the region explodes with new developments.  A medium to large Resort with a major brand in management such as; Wellness Resort, Eco Resort, Luxury Hideaways, Luxury Residences, Rental Pool, Timeshare or Fractional ownership; is sure to be a lucrative venture. The land is well located, close to nature as well as sitting on a very large lagoon with calm waters. The Mangroves, Manatees and surrounding forests are sure to captivate any audience.

Wildlife, Heritage and Conservation

With an array of captivating attractions, this land offers endless entertainment and exploration opportunities. At the heart of Belize lies a crucial ecological system, the mangroves, harboring a diverse range of wildlife across its five distinct mangrove species. Serving as a natural estuary, this lagoon sanctuary nurtures countless fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds, all thriving within its protective embrace. Finding solace from storms and Sargassum, the lagoon is perfect for nature lovers, boaters and fishermen; a paradise awaits them.

Nestled at the southern edge of Gales Point Lagoon, the serene village of Gales Point enchants visitors with its tranquility, enveloped by lush mangroves, dense jungle foliage, and teeming wildlife. This charming settlement is renowned for its relaxed ambiance, breathtaking natural vistas, and vibrant cultural heritage.

Forests and Mountains

The nearby Sibun Forest Reserve is a haven for environmentalists, serving as a prime example of successful conservation practices. Its lush forests, diverse ecosystems, and abundant wildlife make it a valuable asset in Belize’s efforts to protect its natural heritage. Whether planning a private home or a World Class Resort, the simple access to so many cultural and conservation projects opens up a treasure trove of opportunity.

Also nearby, the Maya mountains are known for their rich biodiversity, with a vast variety of plant and animal species. The rainforests in this area are also home to a diverse range of wildlife, including various species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. One notable protected area within the Maya Mountains is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is known for being the world’s first jaguar reserve. This sanctuary encompasses a vast area of dense rainforest.

The Maya Mountains hold cultural significance due to their association with the ancient Maya civilization. The region contains many archaeological sites, including caves and ruins, which offer insights into the history and culture of the Maya people.

Outdoor enthusiasts and eco-tourists interested in hiking, bird-watching, or exploring the natural beauty, are magnetized to the Maya Mountains from all over by the diverse ecosystems, picturesque waterfalls, and the expansive cave-systems in the area.


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