Beautiful Waterfront 200 Acre Subdivision near Gales Point Gales Point, Belize

USD 750,000
SKU: L313
Property type: Lots


  • Large Acreage
  • Road access
  • Waterfront


Investor Alert! 200 acres of Waterfront Land now available!

ReMax VIP is excited to present this 200-acre waterfront parcel situated north of Gales Point. This expansive parcel is subdivided into 16 individual title lots, awaiting a developer to harness its full potential. Nestled in the Manatee region, just 10 minutes off the newly paved Coastal Highway, the land sits across the bay from Coconut Point, the inaugural residential community in this area. The recent completion of the Coastal Road has captivated the attention of discerning investors, drawn to the previously untouched lands that define this region.

Boasting nearly a mile of sandy waterfront along the inner bay, these lots are an ideal haven for water enthusiasts and nature lovers who relish activities such as fishing, kayaking, or diving. The bay offers swift access to the Caribbean Sea, numerous islands, and the world’s second-largest Barrier Reef.

This parcel promises a myriad of captivating experiences. The mangroves, vital to Belize’s ecosystem, are a highlight, hosting five distinct mangrove species that, in turn, support diverse wildlife. Serving as natural estuaries, these mangroves provide a nurturing environment for fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Development Opportunity

Whether your vision is to preserve the land’s natural beauty, create a resort oasis, or establish your own homestead, the canvas of 200 acres awaits your innovative touch. The possibilities for development are boundless, and this expansive property is poised for transformative growth.

For instance, envision constructing eco-friendly lodges or resort accommodations that cater to the increasing influx of eco-tourists and those craving a distinctive jungle experience. Embracing sustainable building practices and championing responsible tourism becomes not just a choice but a compelling selling point. Alternatively, delve into sustainable farming practices, cultivating organic produce, herbs, or crops that not only sustain the local community but also find a place in markets and restaurants.

For a lighter touch on development, consider creating camping facilities that appeal to a diverse range of tourists, from budget-conscious travelers to those seeking a profound connection with nature during their Belizean journey.

The vast expanse of space allows for more ambitious ventures, such as initiating the development of a residential community. Whether preparing the land for sale or constructing vacation rental homes, this opens doors to providing a more upscale tourist experience.

Why Belize? Belize stands as an ideal destination for discerning investors seeking lucrative opportunities. This captivating 200-acre property is a gateway to capitalizing on the thriving tourism industry in the country. With its unparalleled natural beauty, diverse topography, pristine beaches, and thriving marine life, Belize magnetizes tourists globally. Investing in this property secures not just a plot but a prime position in a quickly growing market, ensuring a steady income stream from vacation rentals or the potential realization of a resort development. In Belize, the investment isn’t just in land; it’s in a promising future woven into the fabric of a burgeoning tourism paradise.

Location Benefits

Gales Point, a tranquil village situated at the southern tip of Gales Point Lagoon, is cocooned by the embrace of mangroves, dense jungle foliage, and a plethora of vibrant wildlife. This charming enclave is renowned for its unhurried pace, picturesque natural panoramas, and a deep-seated cultural legacy that paints a vivid canvas of Belizean authenticity.

An intriguing highlight of this area is the bountiful presence of Manatees and dolphins gracing the waters of Gales Point Lagoon. Embarking on guided boat tours, visitors are treated to the serene spectacle of these gentle creatures.

In essence, Gales Point and its surrounding areas, including this expansive parcel, emerge as a concealed treasure in Belize. Offering a tranquil sanctuary unlike any other, it unfolds as a refuge where the cadence of life harmonizes with the melodic rhythms of nature. The untouched allure and serene landscapes make this area an ideal haven for those seeking an escape from the frantic pace of urban existence. As the world discovers the enchantment of Gales Point, this Belizean gem invites both explorers and investors to partake in the unfolding narrative of a truly extraordinary retreat.

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