Buy a farm in Belize — 4000 Acres of Waterfront land Belize District

USD 5,178,000
SKU: F441
Property type: Farm


  • Beachfront
  • Fertile Soil
  • Large Acreage
  • Ocean View
  • Ponds & Freshwater Wells
  • Riverfront


Buy a Farm in Belize — 4000 Acres of Fertile Farmland!

Located in the north of Belize District, near Bomba and Maskall, ReMax VIP is excited to share this amazing listing of 4000 Acres of fertile Farmland! Situated on the Northern River Lagoon, as well as the Caribbean Sea, there is no shortage of waterfront on this beautiful farmland, also including a large river, and many ponds throughout the parcel.


Located north of Belize City, this property is situated in a stunning, lush, untouched area of Belize.

Belize City is the largest city in Belize with a population of just over 61,000 people. Belize City serves as the country’s principal port and commercial center. It is a hub for trade and commerce, with activities ranging from shipping to banking and retail. There are many large stores and businesses in Belize city, which differs from the rest of Belize, as smaller shops and markets are much more common. While it is not much of a tourist destination itself, Belize City is home to the only international airport in Belize, and serves as a gateway to the rest of the country and many of its popular attractions including the Belize Barrier Reef, the Blue Hole, as well as inland destinations like Mayan ruins and nature reserves.

About 6 Miles west of this Parcel is the village of Maskall. Maskall is a part of the broader Belize River Valley and is surrounded by a mix of agricultural lands, forests, and rivers. Like many communities in Belize, agriculture plays a significant role in Maskall’s economy. Local residents engage in farming activities, cultivating crops such as citrus fruits, peppers, vegetables, and other agricultural products. The Belize River Valley is known for its natural beauty, and Maskall is surrounded by lush landscapes. The region may offer opportunities for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and those interested in exploring the flora and fauna of Belize.

Waterfront Opportunity

With beautiful fertile land, dense jungle, water front on the Caribbean Sea and Northern River Lagoon, a large river, and many ponds this property is prime for development.

With 4000 acres of fertile land to work with, this parcel is a perfect opportunity for the development of a farm. Farming plays a significant role in the economy and food security of Belize. The agricultural sector is diverse, encompassing both traditional and non-traditional crops and livestock. The Belizean government supports the agricultural sector through various initiatives, including extension services, training programs, and incentives to promote sustainable practices. Consider growing some of the many crops that thrive in the beautiful climate and soil conditions of Belize, such as citrus fruits, coconut, cacao, sugar cane, peppers, vegetables or hardwood trees. A large farm would also provide many jobs to the locals in this area, and greatly stimulate the local economy.

With access to the Northern River and many ponds, consider aquaculture projects such as fish farming or shrimp farming. Shrimp is a major export commodity for Belize, and the industry contributes significantly to the country’s economy. The United States is a key market for Belizean shrimp exports. Tilapia is a common species cultivated in Belizean fish farms due to its adaptability and popularity. Other species, such as catfish, are also able to be farmed in Belize.

Developing renewable energy projects, such as solar or wind farms, could also prove to be a lucrative venture. The Belizean government has implemented initiatives and policies to promote solar energy, including incentives for individuals and businesses adopting solar technologies. While wind energy has not been as prominent as solar energy in Belize, there have been discussions and plans for wind farm projects.

The opportunity for development on this property is endless, and while the surrounding area is not very developed yet, this parcel could be the perfect place to start.


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