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Best Placencia Souvenirs

Remaxvipbelize: Hammock

Best Placencia souvenirs, meaning they they are the most economical/portable/most Belizean character/looks like you were really thoughtful….in no particular order…..

1.) Tiny bottles of Marie Sharps….less than  $1us! Portable, fun, authentic! Probably an overall winner in all categories 🙂

Remaxvipbelize: Tiny bottles of Marie Sharps

2.) Bottles of jam-I wondered what to do with these…still not sure I did it right….but I sauteed chicken in the jalapeno jam and it was AWESOME. You can use the banana and other fruit jams like regular jams…but a very unique gift. Or, don’t try to be creative, just eat it with a spoon, out of the jar. Only a couple bucks at the grocery stores.

Remaxvipbelize: Bottles of jam

3.) Lion fish earrings from Treasure Box-Khadija is the owner of the shop (she is the daughter of Saeed, the awesome Bamboo guy!) She has a lovely shop where they sell very sweet lionfish earrings…lionfish are invasive species on the reef and she makes use of the lionfish in a useful and truly unique way…visit her store off the main street! Lionfish are reportedly evil….imagine wearing dangerous fish spikes dangling from your ears! What a story.

Remaxvipbelize: Treasure Box-Khadija

4.) Adorable silver jewelry from Denyse’s….her shop in on the sidewalk. Very affordable and unique sterling silver. My friend Shannon cleaned the place out on her trip.

Remaxvipbelize: Adorable silver jewelry from Denyse's

5.) Go to this store on the pier….they have great souvenirs…Belizean coffee, honey, and other things that are packaged very cutely! Looks thoughtful.

Remaxvipbelize: Natures Goodies

6.) A hammock! You can find these at most souvenir stores…they are mostly handmade and some of them are very unique and soft 🙂 Can you imagine this hanging in your basement….in the middle of the Cleveland winter….with recorded sounds of waves coming from your CD player in the background?

Remaxvipbelize: Hammock

7.) Belize coffee mug…because this is easy….Dave is a coffee mug nerd and so am I, now, so this might be a good souvenir for us.

Remaxvipbelize: Belize coffee mug

8.) Belikin Beer T shirt….if you are really edgy you could try to get a bottle of beer out of the country but I am not sure this is smiled upon 🙂 Grab a t shirt at the airport on your way out for a great last minute gift….I tried to buy one for Dave online a while ago, when we didn’t live here, and it was impossible to find. So, get them while you are here! (If you smuggle the beer, don’t say you read this blog and I said it was ok)

Remaxvipbelize: Belikin The Beer of Belize

9.) A Belizean wood cutting board…you can also find these at the airport for like $15us…they are awesome! And it looks thoughtful and expensive.

Remaxvipbelize: Belizean wood cutting board

10.) Disclaimer….I have never tried this. But I believe it to be pretty unique to Belize, which is why it made it to this list of Placencia Souvenirs.  There is a rumor that if you get tipsy on this, and go to bed, the next day you experience a second drunken wave! Now THAT is a heck of a souvenir!

Remaxvipbelize: Cashew Wine

11.) A little Belize flag, because that is fun to have in your office, in February, when you are looking outside at snow and dead trees.

Remaxvipbelize: Belize flag

12.) Goss Chocolate- but put this in your carry-on. Don’t let it melt on all the other souvenirs in your bag, that would ruin the flags and t shirts in there.

Best enjoyed on a beachfront hammock, looking at palm trees, not at a Formica counter top in February, in the Northeast.

Remaxvipbelize: Goss Chocolate