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Caribbean Beach Cabanas is ready for guests!

Remaxvipbelize - Caribbean Beach Cabanas
It has been a huge week here! Almost all of the bamboo has gone up and the casita is looking really exotic and stunning! Pictures will tell it best…..but Caribbean Beach Cabanas are almost done with phase 1 and we are ready for guests!!! 🙂 Here are some of the highlights from the last week!
Close up of the new bamboo porch….

Remaxvipbelize - Caribbean Beach Cabanas is ready for guests
 A couple beach morning pictures…..pre 6am!
Remaxvipbelize - Morning pictures
 New sign on the beach…
Remaxvipbelize - New sign on the beach
 Beautiful sunrise!
Remaxvipbelize - Beautiful sunrise
Remaxvipbelize - Beautiful sunrise
View from farther back of the casita….
Remaxvipbelize - View from farther back of the casita
 Inside the casita….
 Remaxvipbelize - Inside the casita

Also this morning….Dave has a new admirer….a cute little black cat. I walked out and Dave was holding her….she seemed so sweet that I thought maybe we had a new pet on our hands. Then we tried to introduce her to Sticks and all hell broke loose. She tried to scratch him and he freaked out.

I mean haven’t we ever seen a cartoon before??? Bad idea! Now the cat won’t leave and Sticks is mad.

Remaxvipbelize - Inside the casita

Victor and Dave are working on the last of the cabinet doors for the inside, some outdoor seating for the casita porch, and then building new beds for the cabanas!!

The weather has remained beautiful here! I am not sure this is typical rainy season but it is gorgeous and I would take this weather any season! 🙂

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