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Dear Tropical Storm Franklin, what can I do if you make it rain on my vacation to Placencia, Belize?

Dear Tropical Storm Franklin
Ugh there is a big tropical storm Franklin headed our way tonight…..which is always a good time to consider what you can do in the rain around here??? Also, what should you pack if it is calling for rain in the forecast when you are here?? Here you go!

Top 15 things to do in Placencia Village in the rain

1.) Jaguar Lanes in Maya Beach – this is indoor bowling fun! Great pizza too, you can get a cab up there. (pic from their facebook page)

Jaguar Lanes

2.) INDOOR DINNER – I’d take this opportunity to visit the new spa called Naia and eat at 1981, where they have a fully enclosed restaurant. It is super cute, and somehow Mayan Modern! (pic from their facebook page)


3.) Pickled Parrot – this is not right on the sea, so you aren’t going to get the lashing wet sea breeze. This is a huge, dry palapa bar and everyone in there is always fun and cheerful. The crowd favorites are Thursday trivia, the meatloaf (great rain comfort food), and you can play with Mia and Ziggy, the awesome dogs that live there and will play fetch with you for hours (wait till you see Mia’s piercing stare right through your soul.) (pic from their facebook page)

Pickled Parrot

4.) Rent a car – right in the village you can rent a car from a couple places who will bring it right to you Barefoot Car Rental – this is a great opportunity to explore the 16 mile peninsula, and what is weird is you may find it sunny up in Maya Beach when it is raining in the village, and vice versa! Below are some ideas that may get you out of the rain in the village….(pic from their facebook page)

Rent a car

5.) Hiking at Bocawina

6.) “Secret” waterfalls (not that secret) and visit a bamboo forest…

Hiking at Bocawina
Hiking at Bocawina

7.) Hiking or an excursion at Cockscomb

8.) Go inland even farther – you can go to Ian Anderson’s for the day, and do a cave tubing (about 2 hours, probably not at all the same weather there unless we are dealing with a monster storm)

9.) Head to San Ignacio for the day – this is a pretty drive, and from there you can do the ATM Cave Tour, Xunantunich, and many Cave Tours. We like Trip N Travel.

10.) Tipsy Tuna – put on your lil poncho and head out, because there is plenty of dry space and it is always fun to people watch. People will always be there! And Tipsy has an indoor part with a sandy floor and a pool table! (really hard to find a pic of this. From Pinterest.)

Tipsy Tuna

11.) Sit at ChaChi’s and people watch – you can eat pizza and gelato right under a pretty substantial “tunnel” – and you are in the heart of main street with lots of good people watching. They have a bar under there too 🙂

12.) If all else fails – get food from Ian Anderson’s new deli or EnE Chinese and watch TV – if you are prone to boredom in the rain, make sure you stay somewhere with cozy indoor space, good movie channels, and good wifi. You are probably tired anyway so use it as an excuse to Netflix and …..go to bed early – and now you can get up and watch the sunrise at 5am since you are so well rested! Actual pic from Hacienda veranda.

If all else fails

****Packing tips (pretty basic here) – it doesn’t hurt to throw in a poncho and some water shoes. Check with your hotel if they provide umbrellas – we do! These can also be found pretty cheaply at the local stores. A long sleeve dry wicking shirt also helps. It also doesn’t hurt to ask about the hotel’s TV and wifi opportunities, and whether there is any outdoor covered space so you can still enjoy yourself and not get cabin fever (we do have all). Also – bring a couple ziplock bags for your phone and cameras, and a nylon or waterproof string bag. This should cover it!!