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What guests say they wish they knew before they came to Belize…26 tips from past guests!

What guests say they wish
We like to revisit this topic periodically – facts change over time, and we aim to keep our guests as well informed as possible so you can fully enjoy and relax during your time with us! Here is some recent feedback, right from our past guests, about what they wish they’d known before they got to Belize/Placencia:

I wish I’d known that…

  1. I didn’t need to pack so much – no need to haul things like sunscreen, SPF, etc, as these were available readily in the village. No fancy clothes/shoes/jewelry needed!!
  2. Nowhere would really take American Express – Visa and MC were ok. Also call your cc companies/bank and let them know you are traveling so your card is not declined here.
  3. More of an fyi for future guests – if you like the all inclusive resort style, this will not be for you. Exploring the village and beyond is what Belize is about.
  4. Sea grass – it comes in pretty frequently, especially in late afternoon. You want to stay somewhere that keeps it raked. There is no telling when it is coming, but it doesn’t need to ruin your trip. Belize is known to have seagrass from time to time because they are close to the reef. There are always beaches around that won’t have it, or stay somewhere with a pool.
  5. Belikins are strong – but they are also only about 8-10 oz. However there is no calorie, carb count online, or alcohol content – and it is very easy to overdo it. Also, you can just order a “beer” at the bar as that is the same thing as ordering Belikin. The napkin on the beer is to wipe it off because they recycle these bottles and the caps can rust a little from the metal caps with salt air.
  6. Barefoot makes STRONG drinks – they aren’t kidding. One drink is the equivalent to 2-3 in a US bar.
  7. I should have worn a shirt and stronger spf while snorkeling – didn’t realize how bad my butt would get burned on the water.
  8. Sand fleas – forgot that they come out after a rain and at night/when there is no breeze- if you are around mangroves make sure you wear baby oil on your legs.
  9. I didn’t need to stress so much over the forecast – it says rain almost every day in Belize, but it isn’t rain like in North America – it usually means a short shower or rain at night.
  10. I should have taken the snorkel excursion when the sea was calm – the sea can get wavy and crazy within a day and it is uncomfortable to be on the water when it is rough.
  11. The very best time to kayak and paddleboard is FIRST thing in the morning – the water is usually at its calmest and prettiest, and gets a little more wavy throughout the day.
  12. It is really important to stay where there is A/C at your hotel.
  13. I should have bought tickets for Belize when they were around $400 – under $500 is still a pretty good price and it includes your exit fee of about $50 (usually).
  14. I should have packed way less clothes – but more swimsuits, less dressy stuff!
  15. I should have brought a change of clothes and shoes for my excursions.
  16. I should have taken an extra second to buy a bottle of liquor for my room at the arrival duty free – very cheap there and nice to have once you are settled in.
  17. I should have taken one extra excursion – it is one of the things I remembered most about my trip. They are all so unique, even if they are expensive and a lot of work, it is worth it!
  18. I wish I would have gotten up to see the sunrise. (sun rises about 5:30 – very worth it!)
  19. I should have stayed longer – 3-5 days is not enough. 7-10 days would have been perfect.
  20. I wish I would have had the following on me – hand sanitizer and toilet paper on excursions, and a wet cloth in a baggie sometimes when walking around in the heat of the day.
  21. Lobsterfest, Sidewalk Art Festival, etc are really fun times to come, I’ll check the dates next time.
  22. On Easter, Good Friday – a lot of things shut down and liquor isn’t sold that day. Also, Easter Monday, the village is recovering and a lot of things are shut down. Easter weekend is really crazy and busy in the village.
  23. Belize time means not to rush around with urgency – if you are supposed to be picked up at 8am, 8:15 is normal.
  24. Water and power outages can happen unexpectedly – and this can happen when you are expecting to be able to get ready for your flight – it is a developing country and you have to be willing to be flexible sometimes (baby wipes!)
  25. I would want to have brought more cash – sometimes you are at a restaurant and they will tell you their credit card machine is down, and then sometimes the atm can be not working, so I would have felt more comfortable with more cash as a back up.
  26. I should have waited to book my excursions until I got there. The tour guides don’t book until week of unless it is a specialty tour, and I changed my mind a lot when I was here about what I wanted to do.