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Newcomer Expats in Placencia + San Ignacio pictures!

remaxvipbelize: Casa Nama Coloured wall

We drove to San Ignacio on Friday to pick up the bamboo furniture. We drove up into the mountains a bit to Saeed’s workshop…fun adventure…and he did a GREAT job with the loveseat and stools! Love them! Being expats in Placencia, our driving is ALWAYS an adventure here. Here are a few snippets just from our trip…

Check out that rainbow! Pics don’t do it justice as they were taken while driving….this rainbow could be seen end to end!!
Remaxvipbelize: Road nature Sky sunset view
Road Side Nature View
remaxvipbelize : Sky Mountain view
 In the city limits of San Ignacio….cows chilling in the back of this truck in front of us!
Remaxvipbelize : San Ignacio cows chilling
 Famous tiny bridge to enter the city…still following the cows…
Remaxvipbelize : Famous tiny bridge to enter the city with Cows
 Oh and this guy riding a horse on the bridge with the cows still in front. We are certainly not on our way to Hilton Head.
Remaxvipbelize :riding a horse on the bridge with the cows still in front
 Clarissa Falls….on the way into the mountains….
Remaxvipbelize :Clarissa Falls on the way into the mountains

Driving through massive smoke….pretty sure this wouldn’t be allowed in the US. Farmers burn their trash and crops and at times the smoke gets pretty outrageous. No one seems to bat an eyelash! Imagine this is happening on your way to the suburbs…

Remaxvipbelize : Farmer Burns the crops
Remaxvipbelize: Farmer Burn the fields
Remaxvipbelize: burn the crops

We were so excited last night to have people over for the first time 🙂 I really miss having people over….this felt great! Chris, Sonia, and Rick came over and we ended at Barefoot, where the guys went for a night swim (they don’t normally hang out shirtless at the bar)

Remaxvipbelize: Enjoying party at beach
 Not joining a gang. WOW Belize :-p
Remaxvipbelize: Enjoying Party with friends
Remaxvipbelize: Enjoy bar party
Remaxvipbelize: Club party With friends

And today, Tom, Madalyn, and Kate got here!! Very exciting!! This afternoon we did the coconut drinks 🙂 followed by a swim….dinner at Tipsy Tuna, then a walk around town and Tutti Fruitti 🙂 They are amazed to be in bed before 9…..thunderstorms happening again. They are going cave tubing and zip lining tomorrow…sailing and scuba later this week…many good stories to come!!!

remaxvipbelize: Swimming in beach

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