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Tiger, Humane Society and St. Georges Caye Day!

Remaxvipbelize: Miss Belize

This is more of a wrap up of some fun events over the last week, especially for people looking at a typical week in the life of an expat down here! Here’s some PlaceWe met a few friends last night at the new Tiger restaurant–it is the newest restaurant on the peninsula. It is just north of Seine Bight on the beachside. It is truly amazing from the moment you walk in. The atmosphere is extraordinary-check out these pictures…I was thinking about adjusting the colors, but that red hue is what it really feels like!

Remaxvipbelize: New Tiger restaurant
Remaxvipbelize: Newest restaurant on the peninsula
Remaxvipbelize: New Restaurant atmosphere is extraordinary
Remaxvipbelize: New Restaurant enjoying food with friends

Everything is open air–it feels like you are really somewhere exotic πŸ™‚ I highly recommend the homemade mojitos–the Tiger one has a spicy kick and the ginger one was excellent, they cut the mint and peppers off of plants outside for each drink!

As a funny side note, when our friends arrived we noticed that 4 of the guys had on what must be the Placencia uniform–blue button down shirts? πŸ™‚

Remaxvipbelize: Placencia uniform

Here is a picture of our group; for dinner, they offer a choice of three appetizers and then fish, chicken, or pork for your meal. The rice is served family style and is awesome–comes with a sauce to put over top, a side of exotic vegetables, and your main dish. Everything was great!

Remaxvipbelize: Picture of our group
Β After a few mojitos:
Remaxvipbelize: After a few mojitos

Earlier this week, there was a celebration in the village for the battle of St. George’s Caye, which is a really fascinating story:’s_Caye

Our friend Faizal was kind enough to send me these pictures of the parade:

Β Remaxvipbelize: Our friend Faizal
Remaxvipbelize: Belize National fire service
remaxvipbelize: Pictures of the parade
Remaxvipbelize: Miss Belize
Remaxvipbelize: Belize Cap
Remaxvipbelize: Placencia parade

And finally, the peninsula has a great presence in the Placencia Humane Society–like the Rotary club, this only exists because dedicated and passionate people give their time and money to help the animals down here, that suffer greatly without their help–they catch and spay/neuter stray cats, perform miraculous changes to the beach dogs, provide foster and adoptions, and so much more. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the day with them yesterday, at the monthly clinic. Here were some of my favorite stories from yesterday:

This sweet boy was adopted by a lovely family. You can’t see it very well but he is a bag of bones, a pit bull, who was left starving by somebody. He is unbelievably sweet and was giving everyone kisses despite his obvious malnutrition….I bet he will look much different after a few weeks in his new family’s care πŸ™‚

Remaxvipbelize: Beach dogs
Remaxvipbelize: Dog adopted by a lovely family
This little guy came in and was such a character, and so was his owner :). This stud has apparently had dozens and dozens of pups…and he had really disproportionately large “organs” that just had to be seen to be believed πŸ™‚ Here he is with me and Shannon; Shannon was so awesome all day with the animals πŸ™‚
Remaxvipbelize: Dozens of pups

Here is Wiley and Ralph….Ralph was so huge and took over the room in no time πŸ™‚ He was completely unaware of his size and was like a cartoon…

Remaxvipbelize: Wiley and Ralph

Here is the website for the Humane Society….donations are VERY VERY appreciated!

The next upcoming couple weeks will be more typical expat stories….but we are trying to put together a trip to Honduras shortly, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

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