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Seine Bight | Belize Travel Guide

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Travelers looking for a real Belizean experience are always delighted to find the heart of the Placencia Peninsula in Seine Bight, a tiny Garifuna settlement where pristine white sand meets the Caribbean ocean. Just three miles north of Placencia town, Seine Bight is home to Garifuna culture, fast paced drums and bright festivities. Interested? Read more below…

The first time you stop at Seine Bight — whether it is for your groceries or for a grilled meal, you will feel the laid back soul of the Caribbean. With only 1000 residents, this town located on a small curve of the shoreline, also known as a bight, is home to many “cool spots”, a name given by the locals to their favorite places to drink an ice cold beer, or hang out over a shot of bitters — the local specialty. There is a great chance you will be captivated by the smell of a grill cooking chicken, lobster or fish at one of several outdoor restaurants. Our food recommendation when visiting Seine Bight is definitely Vern’s Kitchen.

Drum Barbeque Seine Bight Chicken

Bitters lovers worldwide can also find the best Belizean digestifs in this small town; For an authentic drinking experience, tourists can visit Geepee’s, a local bar with an outdoor pool where loud punta rock and reggaeton music blasts for everyone to hear. Here’s a punta rock playlist you might hear while you drink your beer in this Caribbean settlement.

The people of Seine Bight

Seine Bight locals are amongst the friendliest people in the planet.

Tourists are always surprised at the warm welcome they receive in Seine Bight, not only from the restaurant owners, fishermen or other drivers, but from every waving resident in this town, both young and old.

Perhaps the main reason why the locals are so friendly is the unbelievable scenery surrounding Seine Bight: to the east, abundant white coral sand facing a turquoise Caribbean ocean, and to the west, a lush mangrove shored lagoon where locals brag about their daily catch and where 200 pound groupers are still caught by Seine Bight fishermen.

Chicken a la Seine Bight, the best meal you'll have in Belize

If you are staying in Maya Beach, then you might find yourself in need of a visit to the Seine Bight mega store, where one can find veggies, frozen meat and a wide assortment of groceries. A couple of Chinese restaurants have also opened in Seine Bight, adding variety to the culinary options available in the bight.

Young boy playing drums during a wake in Seine Bight, Belize

Are you planning to visit? Time your visit to one of Belize’s national holidays, or better yet, come on November 19th, the perfect day to visit and experience the bright Garifuna folklore. Settlement Reenactment Day is a cultural event where everyone in the Peninsula gathers for a reenactment of the first Garifuna settlers arriving to Southern Belize, a great show of the local drumming skills, dancing and amazing food.

A travel guide to Seine Bight. Read our fully detailed adventure recommendations on this wonderful little town located between Maya Beach and Placencia Village.