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10 Ways to stay fit in Belize — Placencia Lifestyle

Placencia Lifestyle

Often we get asked “How do I stay fit in Belize?” by our guests. (and if you just want to lay on the beach, there are PLENTY of people doing that and nothing more.) Here’s what we learned from our past guests about their favorite ways of staying fit while they are in Placencia…1.) Bike riding – Placencia is a 16-mile peninsula, with one road all the way to the “top”- this is a GREAT ride, very interesting for people and sight seeing. There are plenty of places to stop on the way up and get water, have lunch, jump in a pool/the sea. Most people will stop when they get to the “Placencia Hotel,” this is north of Maya Beach in the “Plantation” area of the peninsula. If your hotel doesn’t offer free bikes (many do) you can rent from a place in town.

Stay fit in Belize

Placencia Lifestyle

2.) Kayaking – this is recommend first thing in the morning as it is much calmer in the morning, and gets more rough throughout the day. You can paddle over to Placencia Caye and snorkel, or go along the coast up past Turtle Inn and be nosy! There are a handful of places in town to rent these, and a few hotels that offer these complimentary.


3.) Paddle boarding – kind of the same as above, but you have to stand (obvi) and be a little more coordinated. Side note, you can do all these things complimentary at CBC!

4.) Yoga – there is GREAT yoga in this village. Placencia “runs” on Facebook – and how awesome is this – you can join THIS page to get the latest info on all the classes! Here’s the latest as of this blog post…


Mon 6:30am Vinyasa
Tues 7:00am Hatha
Wed 6:30am Vinyasa
Thurs 7:00am Hatha
Friday 7:00am Gentle Flow 4:00 kids yoga
6:00am – Ashtanga (half primary led class) with Aaron
9:00am – Basic Flow with Aaron

9:00am – Vinyasa Flow with Brice
4:15pm – Sivananda with Jan
5:30pm – Ashtanga (half primary led class) with AaronWednesday:
6:00am – Ashtanga (half primary led class) with Aaron
9:00am – Gentle Flow with JarkaThursday:
9:00am – Ashtanga (half primary led class) with Aaron
5:30pm – Vinyasa Flow with JarkaFriday:
6:00am – Ashtanga (half primary led class) with Aaron
9:00am – Basic Flow with Aaron
No Yoga until August..classes to be announced
YOGA 4 LIFE with Pam Bernier Swanick
Tues 10:00am Wild Orchid
Wed 5:30pm Naia
Thurs 10:00am Wild Orchid
Saturday 10:00am Wild Orchid

Paddle boarding
actual class at Eucalipto…
5.) Crossfit – There are two places to check out for Crossfit – schedules sometimes change, but you can walk to both places in the village and find out their schedules when you are here. First is Evolution Beach – see more below – and you can also check out the Placencia Gym above the ReMax office.
6.) Zumba – Zumba is popular here – Monday fitness classes are at the community center at 4:15, and Tuesday at Silver Leaf Villa at Harbour Place. Thursday is a toning class at Silver Leaf, and Zumba family on Friday nights at Tipsy Tuna at 7pm.
7.) Outdoor Gym – Evolution Beach mentioned above can be reached at 608 1643, and you can walk there right by the cut through road by Sea Spray. They have personal training, boxing, weightlifting, and more. You can also check out Placencia Gym in the evenings.
8.) Volleyball/basketball – There is a super nice volleyball court by Tipsy Tuna. There are often pick up games throughout the week with nice people, who will probably let you join if you ask :). You can also feel free to grab a ball and pepper there, it is a public park. There is a basketball court by the sports fields in the middle of town, and often you can find people playing pick up games there. These games are a great way to stay fit in Belize.
9.) Swimming – Another wonderful thing about Placencia, is that there are few things to worry about with regards to swimming in the sea. You are not going to run into rocks, there aren’t that many sea creatures near the shore, the water is usually calm enough for a safe swim, and there are few boats or anything like that to worry about. Also I have yet to see a shark.
10.) Running/walking the beach or main street – kind of self explanatory – but note that most of the year, it is way too hot to enjoy this in the middle of the day, so running is recommended as early in the morning as you can. One great thing about Placencia is that all beaches are public, so you can walk, and walk, and walk, on the shore until you can’t take anymore….and this is such a fun thing to do on vacation, you can just get right in the water when you get hot! The sand here is a workout to walk on, so your calves will feel it.
***If all else fails, you can just pull up some videos on YouTube and find a spot on the beach!! Also – check out the Placencia Breeze local newspaper, which has listings for all the latest fitness in town 🙂 Staying or getting fit in Belize is also a breeze!