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The latest top 10 news stories out of Belize – get caught up here!!!

In less than the last two weeks, Belize has shown up again and again in many sources all over the news. I am one of those who searches constantly for the latest #belize news, so here is the research for you, all on one page!!1.) This one is huge – because Belize isn’t. Belize is a tiny country and is still relatively undeveloped, and is decades behind the tourism-savvy countries it competes with. YET – TripAdvisor ratings found it to be in the top 25 destinations in the world!!! is a site dedicated to sharing their latest great travel destinations in the world…..and the latest one is a great review of Belize!

3.) Johnny Depp has been slated to play John McAfee – and much of the movie will take place in the time he spent in Belize – this one is a big deal because, the population and size of Belize is tiny, to have a major motions picture featuring Belize is a REALLY big deal! (Yes, there will probably be some negatives about his time here, but you can bet the aesthetics shot in Belize are going to be amazing!)

4.) It recently came to light that the Wyndham is going to be opening a huge mega resort in Belize – this is a BIG deal because Belize has typically not been a place for corporate resorts to land, because of the small population and tourist numbers. The fact that this is the second huge resort to build here (Mahogany Bay is the first) says that the world is taking notice of Belize (this resort is way north of town in Ambergris Caye, although there is a lot of unhappiness about chain resorts in Belize, it is far away enough not to take away the authenticity and charm of San Pedro!)

5.) Another big deal article – Forbes names Belize as one of the top 10 diving spots in the world!!!

6.) Southwest just had their inaugural first non-stop flight arrive, from Denver!

7.) highlighted Belize in a great article about what to know before you visit!

8.) Your dad gets elected as the new president….and you can go anywhere in the world….where do you go if you are Tiffany Trump? BELIZE!

9.) VIVA lifestyle and travel agrees that Belize should be your next getaway, thanks to its “undiscovered’ nature!

10.) Hello Travel also featured a top 10 where to go in Belize article!