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Top 10 best Placencia, Belize pictures posted by guests in the village this week!!

I LOVE seeing the pictures people post of their time here…it is something I look at at least 2x a week. Seeing Belize through the eyes of a first time guest reminds me of how incredible it is, and also lets me in on new things I didn’t know about! My favorite site to see pictures is Instagram, and you don’t have to be on Instagram to see them. You can google #placencia pictures, and you can see several sites that grab the latest Instagram pics and list them chronologically. Here are my top favorites from the last week – I try to pick a group of photos that explains the feel of Placencia, as sometimes pictures can explain it much more than words!

This is the Placencia Lagoon….well worth a look during your trip, to see the sunsets over the Mayan mountains, or check out the boats and houses!
Instagram, thegirlandglobe
 Placencia is one of the few places where you can walk ALL of the beach…it is all public, and you will often see people walking for miles on the shore. You’ll see a lot of this in the village – small, rustic, Caribbean-colored wood houses….
Instagram, bmbruno
 Guest favorite….Ranguana Caye!
Instagram, aurel.ian
 Another guest favorite…Barefoot Bar….one of the most photographed places in the village 🙂
Instagram, alicia_jane80
 A common sight on shore….but it NEVER gets old…
Instagram, bmbruno
 Right up there with most photographed in the village…Tipsy Tuna. Barefoot Bar and Tipsy Tuna are right next to each other in the heart of the village….you can see why they are so popular!
Instagram, tcalloway19
 You see a lot of this throughout the village, the rustic, artistic feel adds a great experience to your walk through the streets!
The new pizza shop at night! This is turning into a gathering place….with pizza and a really nice outdoor bar on one side, and Tutti Frutti gelato on the other!
Instagram, chachispizza
 You see a lot of people doing this on vacation….pool & a hammock 🙂
Instagram, rustypartch
 Swimming with turtles is always a main attraction here…
Instagram, explore_more1