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What is there to do, smack in the middle of low season in Placencia, Belize? Plenty!!

Remaxvipbelize - The start of high season in Placencia
Many guests will write me asking if it is worth it to come to Belize in low season – low season being defined as (arguably) anywhere from May-end of June, through end of Oct or even into November.I have lived here through a couple low seasons and I can confidently say there is PLENTY to do during a visit. In fact, you can’t possibly do it all in one trip – there will be plenty left on the table when you leave for your next trip! Throughout the blog I am posting pictures from Placencia What’s Happening to give you an idea of what’s actually happening this week! (link at the bottom if you want to join this group!)
You might see this from time to time…..but only for the day!!

Remax Vip Belize: Rick's Cafe

What is shut down?? OK right now in the village, Barefoot Bar is closed for about 2-3 weeks as they are renovating. Yes, everyone is grieving this as this is one of the most popular spots. But, last weekend we just went next door to Tipsy Tuna where there was live music and plenty of fun! And, right down the street, Yoli’s was having music, and Fusion Beach was having a party. One of the most wonderful things about vacationing here – you KNOW where to go to have fun – you will have a handful of choices, always, but not such an overwhelming matrix of events that you feel a bit flooded and feel like no matter what you pick, you are missing out. Plus, in the village at least, you can walk everywhere, so you don’t need to zip across town in a cab (unless you are staying way north of the village!) — just follow the music and you will find the people 🙂

Remax Vip Belize: The Lost Reefers

What else is closed? BB Yoga Flow was closed, just reopened, but Stephanie from Eucalipto right in the village had awesome yoga going 5 days a week….

Detatch is closed until Nov 1st (yes, everyone is missing this!), Tranquilo is closed for the season, Dawn’s Grill n Go is closed for a little bit, Tutti Frutti is closed for a bit as they replenish their stock for next season, straight from Italy :), Hot Chicks Deli and Maya Beach Bistro reopen Oct 1st. Cozy Corner is closed until October.

Remax Vip Belize: Fusion Beach

So what is open??? Well Dragonfly just reopened with a different menu, and I recommend going there as we had an awesome dinner the other night! The Casino, all the excursions, Rumfish, Secret Garden, Dolce Vita, Rick’s, Wende’s, Fusion Beach and Mojo (under AWESOME new management!!!), Tipsy Tuna, almost all the grocery stores and souvenir shops, the Farmhouse Deli made a stop in Placencia this week, Habeneros just advertised a 2 for 1 Mexican buffet at Robert’s Grove, and I haven’t touched on all the other north of the village places, like Turtle Inn, Belize Ocean Club, the Flying Pig, and many more!

Remax Vip Belize: Prime Time is Play Time

So, no one can tell me they can do all this in a week’s vacation :). What about rainy season you ask???

Remax Vip Belize: Special Menu

In the last 3 weeks, it has rained a handful of times – and 90% of those times were at night. It rained for about an hour this morning and is now sunny. Rainy season usually means some thunderstorms, usually at night, and the rain rarely lasts for longer than that. It isn’t going to stop anyone from having an awesome time!

Remax Vip Belize: Placencia Rotary Club

Plus you get low season prices for rooms and airfare, so come on down!!! You can see for yourself what is happening in Placencia by joining the public group Placencia What’s Happening; I highly recommend this while you are here so you can know all that is going on!

Oh, and I am not the only one writing about this, check out San Pedro Scoop’s take on Ambergris Caye in October!