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The Jaguars of Belize

Jaguar Lying on a log in the jungle

The Jaguars of Belize: Nature’s Majesty Awaits You

When considering a move to a new country, many Americans dream of a location that not only offers a change of pace but also a unique and enriching experience. With its lush landscapes and diverse wildlife, Belize stands out as a prime choice. Among the many natural wonders you’ll find in Belize, the jaguars are undoubtedly one of the most captivating. This blog post aims to highlight the incredible biodiversity of Belize, its commitment to sustainability, and the excitement that awaits those who choose to call this paradise home.

Belize: A Biodiversity Hotspot

Belize is a treasure trove of biodiversity, a place that will leave you in awe. Despite its small size, it is home to an array of ecosystems, including rainforests, wetlands, savannas, and coral reefs. This incredible variety of habitats supports an astonishing array of wildlife, making Belize a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The Star of the Jungle: Jaguars

Among Belize’s most majestic inhabitants is the jaguar, the biggest giant cat in the Americas. These elusive and powerful creatures roam the country’s dense jungles and protected areas. Belize boasts the world’s first jaguar preserve, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1986. This sanctuary spans over 150 square miles and provides a critical habitat for jaguars and other species.

Rich Flora and Fauna

In addition to jaguars, Belize is home to over 500 species of birds, 150 species of mammals, and numerous amphibians and reptiles. The country’s marine life is equally impressive, with the Belize Barrier Reef being one of the wealthiest underwater ecosystems worldwide. This makes Belize not just a place to live but a destination where every day brings a new opportunity to witness nature’s wonders.

Toucans sitting on a branch in the rain forest.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Belize is recognized not only for its natural beauty but also for its dedication to sustainability and conservation. The government and various NGOs have worked tirelessly to protect its natural resources and promote eco-friendly practices.

Protected Areas and Conservation Efforts

Belize has designated over 26% of its landmass and 13% of its marine area as protected. This commitment ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy the country’s rich biodiversity. Efforts include the establishment of marine reserves, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Sustainable Living

For Americans considering a move to Belize, the country offers a lifestyle that aligns with sustainable living values. From eco-friendly housing options to community initiatives promoting green practices, Belize provides an opportunity to live harmoniously with nature. Regarding logistics, Belize offers a straightforward visa process for retirees and investors, and the country has a robust healthcare system with both public and private options.

Excitement Awaits You

Moving to Belize is about enjoying its natural beauty and embracing a new and exciting lifestyle. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Adventure and Exploration

Belize is a playground for adventurers that will ignite your sense of exploration. Whether you’re interested in hiking through dense jungles, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of the Barrier Reef, or simply basking on pristine beaches, Belize has it all.

Rich Culture and Community

Inside on of Belize's gorgeous Caves

Belize is a melting pot of cultures, boasting a vibrant mix of Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, Maya, and expatriates worldwide. This cultural diversity is reflected in the country’s festivals, cuisine, and daily life, providing newcomers a rich and welcoming environment.

A Slower Pace of Life

One of the main attractions for Americans moving to Belize is the slower, more relaxed pace of life, a lifestyle that will bring you peace. Away from the hustle and bustle of city living, you can enjoy a more tranquil and stress-free lifestyle. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the jungle, spending your days immersed in nature, and dining under the stars in your evenings.


Belize offers a unique blend of natural beauty, sustainable living, and a welcoming community. It promises adventure and discovery for Americans contemplating a move, exemplified by the majestic jaguars and the country’s rich biodiversity. With its commitment to conservation and a slower pace of life, Belize is not just a place to live—it’s a place to thrive. Moreover, Belize has a strong focus on safety and security, with a low crime rate and a dedicated police force, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

If the allure of Belize has captured your imagination, take the first step towards making it your new home. Dive into the adventure, embrace the excitement, and let the journey begin!

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How we create the most productive Site Visits

When you explore Belize Property. there is obviously quite a difference between looking over properties in the country where you live and in a foreign country. One of the pleasures of the latter is that, in addition to looking over the physical properties themselves, you will want to get immersed in the local culture, meet other expatriates, and understand what life in Belize is like. It’s not for everyone, so this is a great opportunity to put it to the test.

Start to explore Belize property

Your Realtor will probably suggest a Property Exploration Day or days. Beginning with a tour of various properties that match your criteria, showcasing different locations and features to get a feel for what Belize has to offer.

Another “must-do” is to schedule a Legal Consultation Meeting. Ask your realtor to schedule a meeting with a local attorney specializing in real estate to discuss the legal aspects of property ownership in Belize, including rights, restrictions, and the purchasing process.

Beachfront rental home

Cultural Immersion Experience. A cultural immersion day must be included in your tour to introduce the local way of life, cuisine, and traditions, providing a holistic view of living in Belize beyond just property acquisition.

Beachfront Property Showcase When you explore Belize property and Beachfront locations that are not currently on your list, arranging a day dedicated to visiting beachfront properties will never hurt. In the Caribbean, beachfront property is at a premium, and in Belize, it is also perhaps more affordable than the islands. The coastline in Belize is extensive, and amazing deals are always around the corner. Highlighting the stunning coastal views and lifestyle opportunities in Belize makes this day a bonus, even if nothing takes your fancy. It goes a long way to emphasise what a beautiful place you may choose as your home.

Residency and Investment Seminar: Your Realtor will be able to organise a seminar or workshop focusing on obtaining residency in Belize as a property owner and the investment potential the country offers for foreigners.

Meet with Local Experts: Depending on your reason for purchasing, try to meet with real estate experts, developers, and current expat residents to gain insights into market trends, upcoming developments, and practical advice on owning property in Belize.

Adventure Day: Plan an adventurous outing, such as exploring the rainforest and the wildlife, visiting Mayan ruins, or enjoying water activities to showcase the natural beauty and recreational opportunities Belize has to offer.

Remember, too, that Belize has a fascinating biodiversity, both in the Ocean and on the land. The mountains and forests are home to many exotic birds and animals.

These suggested ideas will provide a well-rounded experience for foreigners looking to buy property in Belize. They combine property exploration with legal guidance, cultural immersion, educational seminars, and memorable experiences to ensure a successful and enjoyable property-buying journey.

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The Benefits of Retiring to Belize for North American Residents


Retirement is the golden years when you can finally hang up your hat, kick back, and relax. It’s a time to live life at your own pace in your chosen slice of paradise. For many North Americans, that dream oasis lies a short flight away in the serene Central American country of Belize. With its lush landscapes, tranquil Caribbean waters, and friendly, laid-back culture, Belize beckons as an idyllic retirement haven.

In this post, we’ll explore the cornucopia of benefits that draw retirees from the U.S. and Canada to Belize, from the nation’s affordable cost of living to its retiree-friendly residency programs.

Financial Serenity in Paradise

Belize offers a significantly lower living cost than its northern neighbors, so your retirement savings stretch further here. Housing, healthcare, and daily expenses won’t send you into sticker shock as they often do back home. Whether dining on fresh seafood by the beach or getting a check-up at a local clinic, you’ll find that your dollar has more buying power in Belize.

Notably, the Belizean government has rolled out the red carpet for retirees through the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) program. Under this scheme, those who qualify are exempt from paying taxes on their income outside Belize, a benefit that’s hard to overstate.

Your Health Matters

The healthcare system in Belize is a draw for retirees seeking affordable yet reliable medical services. Though simpler than some North American offerings, the public healthcare system holds its own with competent and reasonably priced care. For a higher standard of health services or more comprehensive coverage, private insurance options are available at just a fraction of the costs you might expect back home.

Navigating the Legal Landscape

Relocating to another country comes with its fair share of red tape, and Belize is no exception. To retire comfortably in Belize, North Americans must acquaint themselves with the requirements of obtaining a QRP visa. Eligibility rules are straightforward, and securing this visa offers tax benefits and simplifies the path to residency.

To ensure a smooth transition, it’s critical to gather the necessary documentation—from police records to health certificates to proof of financial stability. Understanding Belize’s customs regulations regarding the import of personal belongings, including vehicles and pets, is equally essential.

Stay abreast of Belizean immigration laws to maintain compliance, be aware of annual visa renewals, and stay informed about potential legal changes that might affect your status as a retiree in Belize.

Making It Permanent

For many retirees, the allure of Belize becomes a call to set down permanent roots. Acquiring permanent residency—or even citizenship—in Belize is possible and relatively straightforward, with several pathways leading to a permanent home in paradise.

It’s also important to consider the legalities surrounding estate planning and property ownership in a new country. Understanding the time to understand these facets of living abroad will help ensure that your retirement in Belize is as carefree as you’ve always imagined.


Retirement in Belize offers a simultaneously relaxing and adventurous lifestyle that is affordable and rich in experiences. With the right preparation and an open heart to the nation’s rhythms and possibilities, your retirement could be everything you’ve dreamed of—and perhaps even more.

Whether your retirement fantasy involves fishing in the turquoise sea, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, or simply enjoying a good book under a palm tree, Belize offers a backdrop of natural beauty and an enticing cost of living that is hard to match. Ready to start your Belizean adventure?

For those considering taking the plunge, remember to do thorough research, reach out to experts, and connect with fellow expatriates who’ve made the move. With a little planning and foresight, you can pivot from the hustle and bustle of North American life to the tranquil, tropical bliss of retirement in Belize.

Water fall in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize.
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The Beautiful Caves of Belize

The Caves of Belize are an Underground Paradise Awaiting Beside Your New Home

Belize, a jewel nestled on the eastern coast of Central America, is a paradisiacal spot to lay down your roots and a world-renowned haven for some of the most breathtaking caves you could imagine. If the idea of having nature’s intricacies just a stone’s throw away from your home intrigues you, then exploring the mystic caves of Belize should be at the top of your to-do list.

The country’s extensive cave systems are not just geological marvels but are steeped in Mayan history and brimming with tales of ancient rituals and traditions. For prospective house buyers seeking adventure and tranquillity in equal measure, setting up a home in Belize presents an opportunity to immerse oneself in a living tapestry of natural wonders.

The Majestic Caverns Beckon

Picture this: waking up to the warm Belizean sun, you set out for a day of adventure. You drive through lush landscapes, arrive at a cave entrance, and step into the cool, subterranean world, where sparkling stalactites and impressive stalagmites craft a scene reminiscent of a fantasy novel. The Caves of Belize will not disappoint.

Why the Caves of Belize are a Homebuyer’s Hidden Perk

They say a home isn’t just about the structure you live in but the environment it resides in. For those living in North America, the appeal of purchasing property in Belize lies not only in the favorable climate and friendly communities but also in the extraordinary access to natural attractions like these caves. Here are a few reasons why a home in Belize can be your gateway to adventure:

  • Unmatched Natural Beauty: These remarkable caves in Be lay the canvas for experiences that turn a standard home into a retreat in paradise.
  • Rich Cultural Heritage: The Caves of Belize serve as conduits to the past, offering unique insights into the Mayan civilization that once called this land home.
  • Adventure at Your Doorstep: Kayaking, spelunking, and exploring — the caves of Belize offer endless thrills to satiate the most avid of explorers and nature enthusiasts.
  • A Slow-paced, Fulfilling Lifestyle: Belize’s serene beauty and awe-inspiring wilderness allow for an adventurous and peaceful lifestyle.

Caverns to Call Your Own

Imagine being a short trip from some of Belize’s most famous caves, where tours can take you back in time or challenge your spirit of adventure. With REMAX VIP, the best Belize realtor at your service, you can find the perfect abode conducive to relaxation and thrill-seeking — an investment in lifestyle elevation.

Luxuriate in Wonder Every Single Day

Settle down in Belize, and inherit a backdrop of unparalleled beauty. The caves are but a slice of the visual feast and experiential fortune that lies in wait. By choosing Belize as your home, you’re choosing to live life flanked by wonders that people flock from around the globe to witness.

Navigating Your Belizean Home Buying Journey with REMAX VIP

In search of a reliable partner to help you discover your ideal sanctuary amid these natural marvels? Look no further than REMAX VIP — acclaimed for its local expertise and dedication to pairing clients with stellar tropical properties far beyond four walls and a ceiling.

In Closing

Belize’s beautiful caves are a spectacle to behold, a playground for the adventurous, and a testament to the past. For those contemplating a life immersed in nature’s most magnificent creations, consider this: a home in Belize offers more than a roof over your head; it offers an invitation to a less ordinary life.

Interested in making Belize your new home and the caves your personal escape? Contact REMAX VIP, your portal to the best properties tailored to adventure enthusiasts and serenity seekers.

Whether you’re entranced by the ancient mysteries that lie beneath the earth’s surface or seeking solace in a home surrounded by beauty, Belize holds the key. Unlock your dream living experience today — explore your Belizean housing options with the assistance of the best Belizean realtor and begin your adventure in a home that promises more than just a dwelling but a doorway to the extraordinary.

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Dive Belize

Barrier Reef

Belize, a small Central American country nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity. One of the country’s most treasured assets is its incredible diving opportunities, drawing underwater enthusiasts from around the world to explore its pristine waters. With the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, running along its coastline, Belize offers some of the most spectacular diving experiences on the planet.

Spanning over 190 miles, the Belize Barrier Reef is the second-largest barrier reef in the world, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This impressive natural wonder is a haven for marine life, with vibrant coral formations, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine species. Divers flock to Belize to immerse themselves in this underwater paradise and witness the diverse ecosystems that thrive beneath the surface.

Blue Hole

One of Belize’s most famous diving spots is the Great Blue Hole, a massive underwater sinkhole measuring over 300 meters across and 125 meters deep. Located near the centre of the Lighthouse Reef, the Great Blue Hole is a mecca for experienced divers looking to explore its depths and encounter unique marine species such as Caribbean reef sharks, giant groupers, and colourful angelfish. The circular shape of the Blue Hole creates an otherworldly diving experience, with steep walls covered in corals plunging into the deep blue abyss.

Apart from the Great Blue Hole, Belize offers a plethora of other dive sites that cater to divers of all levels. Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize, boasts an array of dive sites suitable for beginners and advanced divers alike. Hol Chan Marine Reserve, located off the coast of Ambergris Caye, is a popular spot for snorkelling and diving, teeming with marine life such as nurse sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles. The shallow waters of Hol Chan make it an ideal site for novice divers to get their feet wet and explore Belize’s underwater wonders.

Incredible Biodiversity

For those seeking more adventurous diving experiences, Turneffe Atoll offers a remote and pristine environment for underwater exploration. As the largest coral atoll in Belize, Turneffe Atoll is home to diverse dive sites, from shallow coral gardens to dramatic wall dives. Divers can encounter eagle rays, barracudas, and even the elusive whale shark in these nutrient-rich waters, making Turneffe Atoll a must-visit destination for diving enthusiasts.

Belize’s southern coast is also a treasure trove of diving opportunities, with sites such as Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve offering encounters with massive schools of fish during the annual spawning of snappers and groupers. This natural spectacle, known as the “Great Blue Hole,” attracts divers and marine biologists alike to witness this underwater phenomenon.

In addition to its stunning marine life, Belize is also known for its unique underwater formations such as underwater caves and tunnels. The Caves Branch River, located inland near Belmopan, offers adventurous divers the chance to explore intricate cave systems adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. These cave dives provide a thrilling and otherworldly experience, allowing divers to venture into the heart of the earth and witness geological formations rarely seen elsewhere.

Protect and Preserve

Belize’s commitment to marine conservation and sustainable tourism practices has helped preserve its underwater ecosystems for future generations. The government has established marine protected areas and regulations to safeguard its pristine reefs and marine life, ensuring that divers can continue exploring Belize’s underwater wonders for years.

In conclusion, Belize stands out as a premier diving destination, offering diverse dive sites, marine life, and underwater experiences for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a novice diver looking to take your first plunge into the underwater world or an experienced diver seeking thrilling encounters with sharks and rays, Belize has something to offer everyone. With its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and abundant marine species, Belize is truly a diver’s paradise waiting to be explored.

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22 things first-time visitors to Belize should know to prepare yourself for your adventure here!!

Remax Vip Belize: Barefoot
We have had requests for a blog post to discuss the differences between rules/laws/expectations in Belize vs. North America, so that you can get the most out of some of the freedoms here, and also not get yourself in trouble by doing something that is natural in the US (drink from the tap for example), but that you are advised not to do, here!1.) Placencia is the only place you can drink water straight from the tap – there is an underwater spring in Placencia, but the rest of the country uses city or cistern water. In other words – don’t drink the water ANYWHERE else – brushing your teeth is fine, and some people in Ambergris Caye, will tell you they drink it. I can tell you from personal experience that I DO NOT drink the water anywhere but Placencia :).

This will be a VERY familiar sight during your trip
Remaxvipbelize-  cropped splash bottle

2.) You can feel comfortable driving in Belize – it is not a place where you need to worry about crime on the road, and the “highways” are like country roads, but they are not terrible. You just need to know about speed “humps”, the fact that the sun sets early and driving at night is not recommended for your first time, and to know what the check points are – you can read about all that HERE.

3.) The sun rises at about 5:30 year round, and sets about 6 year round. Belize has a healthy appetite for happy hours, and these are right as the sun sets, which is awesome! You will DEFINITELY find yourself saying, “it is only 7pm?? I thought it was 10pm!” And then wake up, wide awake, at 6am :).

4.) I will tread lightly here because the laws do exist, and are sometimes enforced. But, here’s what you will see all over the place… you will see people EVERYWHERE walking around (even riding a bike/driving!) with a beer. If you get carried away with it you might get approached(and it is not always advisable to carry glass around), but this country is very friendly to beer and alcohol drinking. You can even bring in a beer from home into a bar. You can drink on the beach, you can drink a beer with breakfast – no judging! There is beer sold everywhere as well.

5.) Watch yourself – in Placencia, Caye Caulker, and San Pedro, there are no sidewalks on the main roads – you really do want to watch youself when you are walking in traffic. You will be inches from bikes, scooters, golf carts, and cars. So combine that with #4, and just be careful 🙂

6.) Beach dogs- you will see happy, friendly, mostly cute beach dogs everywhere. They are not going to hurt you, occasionally people report they were chased by a dog near a property, but in town this rarely happens. You will notice that they are all fat and happy in Placencia and Ambergris Caye.

Actual guest with actual beach dogs.
Remaxvipbelize - Actual guest

7.) Tipping is appreciated, but it is not the same as the US. 10% is an appropriate tip.

8.) Ask before you get that third cup of coffee – most restaurants do not have free refills – I didn’t know this was more of a US thing 🙂

9.) What’s with the napkins on the beer bottles at bars? The bottles are recycled, and when the bottles sit in the salt air, they often get a bit of rust. Use that napkin to wipe off the mouth of the beer – recommended. Also there is only a couple kinds of beer you can get in the country and when you are ordering a Belikin, just order a “beer” – yes it feels weird but you’ll get a Belikin every time. You can also bring your own beverage containers to bars – you’ll see people do it all over the place.

10.) Golf carts – it is FUN to ride around on a golf cart as your transportation, because how many places can you do that?? It is like a video game. It is highly recommended you get one for a day, they are about $40-50us per day, and very easy to rent everywhere.

Remaxvipbelize - Golf carts

11.) Almost everything can be delivered if you ask. Even a case of beer!

12.) This one is obvious…..but you’ll see sunburns everywhere. The sun is HOT here….even when it is cloudy. Unless you have been hitting the tanning beds like a champ, wear sunscreen and don’t ruin your trip. Especially when snorkeling – wear long sleeves and lotion up your butt and legs, the burn you can get on the water is astounding.

13.) You want to get up close to that turtle, the size of a car, while you are snorkeling? Go ahead! There are few regulations here compared to the US – you decide the level of risk you want. This is another shining example of why Belize is fun. Or, will leave you with a good story about the jacka** thing you did.

What you actually see.
Remaxvipbelize - What you actually see

14.) You may hear Belize is dangerous – in reality, this is only in southern Belize City. There are few violent crimes here. What does happen is theft. It is highly recommended that you behave with your stuff as if you really, really care about it – only bring out with you the necessities – not ALL your credit cards, passport, etc. While I know few people who have gotten things stolen, it happens often enough and can happen so fast. Usually because of #4.

15.) Another reason people love Belize – you don’t hang out in your all inclusive resort here. Locals hang where everyone else does, and everyone lives in harmony. You’ll hear people say “I want to go where the locals go” because they want to have an authentic experience – you don’t have to say that here. Everyone is everywhere!

Typical Belize bar at happy hour
Remaxvipbelize - Typical Belize bar

16.) You really do not need a car – unless you plan on jetting around the whole country, rental cars are expensive, gas is expensive, and you just won’t use it. If you are staying near town you can walk to everything, and the tours will pick you up. See #10 for the alternative.

17.) People sometimes get freaked out because they hear Belize is a “third world country.” Actually a better term is developing country – and that is what this is. If you get out of town at all, you will see very rustic villages, and in some Mayan villages they have dirt floors, palapa roofs, and sleep in hammocks. And if you visit, you will find that it is really peaceful. You will see that the maintenance is maybe not what you see in the US. By the end of your trip, you will hardly notice these differing standards. There is so much natural beauty here, and there is also a charm in rustic wood shacks painted in every color! There is very little begging in Placencia or Ambergris and MUCH less than most places. You will be asked if you want to buy a necklace by a child sometimes, but they are not pushy and rarely ask for money.

Typical Mayan village
Remaxvipbelize - Typical Mayan village

18.) Bugs – how to manage. “Sand fleas/no-see-ums” are present here, and everywhere warm. They come out in cooler weather, at night, after a rain, or by mangroves. You may not have a problem at all – a lot of it is pure luck. If you are hell bent on not getting bit, wear baby oil on your legs, they can’t bite through it. Mosquitos – they are no worse here than anywhere in the summer – wear DEET at night, especially between 5:30-7.

19.) Sometimes I hear that Belize is expensive compared to other Central American countries. There are things that are expensive, like imported US foods and booze. Other things are cheap. There are beachfront hotels you can find for about $40us a night. You can eat like a local (stewed chicken, rice, and beans) for $5us. You can drink local beer, rum, and vodka for about $2.50-3us a drink. You do not HAVE to go to the US standard restaurants, which have US prices. You can stay in a US standard hotel, which is really hard to run here because you have to import everything. A US standard hotel will be about the same cost as the US – BUT – for perspective, check the hotels in high season in Key West, in town – those run about $500us a night, for what you can get for $200 a night here. Belize is a tourism country, not a manufacturing country, so goods are expensive, and it is why it is simple and rustic here – and totally charming :). Let’s not forget Belize has the 2nd biggest reef in the world, hundreds of islands, jungle, Mayan ruins, and a totally unique experience that is nothing like your sanitized Myrtle Beach vacation. There are almost NO chain restaurants or hotels in the country.

If you think this is charming, you’ll like it here.
Remaxvipbelize - charming

20.) People will ask if the sea grass is a problem, and how are the beaches? We are very close to the reef and the reef life has to eat – and they eat sea grass. There is sea grass that washes in a few days a week, and some people are bothered by this. But, again, you are close to the reef!! The sea grass is part of the environment here, and while many places rake and keep it clean, it is also a part of the ecosystem. If you go snorkeling here you will feel better about it, because you will swim with all the creatures that are feeding off it :). There are MANY beaches that are among the most beautiful in the world, but 100% of the beach here is not pristine. You can easily find the pristine beaches if you want them here!

Typical sea grass on the beach
Remaxvipbelize - Typical Mayan village

21.) Will I be inundated by people selling things to me? It is NOTHING like Mexico or any cruise port here – not even close. Yes, people will want you to buy their things but the culture here is very laid back. They will not argue or chase you down. If you say no thanks – that’s it. And yes, you will easily find someone that may ask if you want to “buy some green.” If you don’t want it, just say no thank you 🙂

This is Leo, he’s right on the Placencia Sidewalk!
 Remaxvipbelize - charming

22.) Another reason people come back to Belize again and again is because – the locals really are that warm and friendly. Go out for one evening and you’ll see and feel it :). It is a truly charming, welcoming culture here!

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Spectacular couple weeks for Belize, in the news!!!

Remax Vip Belize: Spectacular couple weeks for Belize
I don’t know if I have ever seen Belize in the news as much as I have in the last couple weeks…here is a recap in case you missed any of these very positive, optimistic articles about Belize!!!1.) USA Today’s “10 Best” Awards….Readers choose out of their Top 20 picks, this time it is for Best Dive Site. The Blue Hole is one of Belize’s most famous adventures….there is still time to vote! Southwest Airlines is starting a new nonstop flight from Fort Lauderdale to Belize City, due to increased bookings!! My personal favorite…..WOW…..New York Times picked PLACENCIA, Belize as one of the top 52 places to visit in 2017! Although Belize typically gets a lot of attention, Placencia is still considered a small, rather remote village, and this is one of the few times it has gotten a nod like this in such a major publication!

4.) In lil’ old Tipsy Tuna on NYE…..there were two major celebrity sighting….Drew Carey and James Franco were seen having a blast!

5.), a “hotel tell all” site, ranked Belize as one of the “cheapest” Caribbean destinations to visit this winter!

6.) Business Insider ranked Belize as one of the 11 trips everyone in the 30’s should take!!

7.) ranked Belize as one of the top 15 places you should visit before they “fill up with tourists!” We agree that Belize is one of the few rustic and authentic beach vacations around…

8.) The Washington Post published this wonderful article about Belize, calling it “breathtaking.” 🙂–caving-and-diving–belize-is-breathtaking/2016/11/03/1c9c52a8-97bd-11e6-bb29-bf2701dbe0a3_story.html

9.) The Telegraph called Belize the most surprising Caribbean destination!

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Thinking of moving to Placencia, Belize? 13 ways living here will change the way you think!!

Remax Vip Belize: Easter weekend 2017 in Placencia
It is hard to remember how things change in the way you think, after a few years here…but here are 13 ways that I guarantee you will change if you stick around!1.) Continuously lowering your expectations about what hair products (and makeup, etc) you’ll be OK with using.–unless you are going back to the US a lot, you have to be ok with whatever stock is here. I have been unable to buy hairspray for a couple weeks at a time, and while in the US my preferred brand is certainly not V05 or Suave, I am happy to have it here! (because it is only a few bucks, the occasional random good stuff is 10x the US price!)

Get comfy with this brand. (
Remax Vip Belize: Get comfy with this brand
2.) Although you lose the materialism mentality in the US, the scarcity mentality will hit you hard….–when you DO find a beloved import product in the stores, you will find yourself buying all the things, because you may never see it again.3.) Finding yourself saying – “Its just a cockroach…. It’s just some termites…. Scorpion stings/tarantula bites don’t actually kill you….Oh the bees here are all Africanized bees? Sweet.”
—Your peripheral vision will pick up dark shadows in the corners pretty frequently. For my first year here that would set off my central nervous system every time…coming from NE US, we are taught to be pretty terrified of all the creatures. I have now become completely desensitized. Oh a little gecko poop on my pillow? Well at least it is here eating the mosquitoes. Oh there was a boa constrictor sighting in my front yard? *yawn.* Oh there is a scorpion by my foot? Well I should move. Oh look at that 6 inch beetle with pinchers. Cool. Shoot that 4 inch cockroach went under the fridge. And so on.

Don’t believe me? Check out this Facebook page…
Actual pic from the page. Cute!
Remax Vip Belize: Scorpion stings/tarantula bites
4.) I guess it is ok to start drinking at 11(am)…—Belize is FUN and you can find yourself finding a lot of excuses why it is a good happy hour day. Every day. Tourists are having fun every day of their vacations. It is a struggle because no one is going to judge you if you do!

Because THIS is a 2 minute walk away.
Remax Vip Belize: Start drinking at 11
5.) No, really, I don’t miss having a large selection of beer. —For some reason, you just don’t! You can only get Belikin and its cousins here, plus a few other Caribbean beers, but because you are always drinking it while at the beach bars of your dreams, it doesn’t occur to you that it matters.
Remax Vip Belize: I don't miss having a large selection of beer
6.) Having your soul die a little every time you throw away very recyclable plastic.—Placencia is quite clean, and does a great job with its resources, but the amount of plastic garbage you will see….will make you immediately want to open a recycling facility.
7.) Forgetting how to look at a bill and not ask yourself if it is Belize dollars or USD. —Even when you go home. It is a switch I can’t turn off. And you will still probably question your math 100x every time you pay a bill with mixed Belize and USD.8.) Feeling guilty if you put any toilet paper in the toilet.—Even when I’m in the US, I am programmed to throw toilet paper in the wastebasket….it is ingrained due to the septic systems here.

9.) Being OK with almost getting hit by a golf cart, bike, bus, or truck….every day.—Just head to Main Street during a busy hour for this fun time!

10.) You stop wondering if the Pit Bull-looking stray dog walking towards you is going to rip your throat out. –In the US, if I see a huge, mangy stray coming at me I am accustomed to thinking it is Cujo. Here, he probably just wants you to pet him. The dogs here are unnaturally nice.

11.) You stop wondering where all the tourists are….the hotels are all full….yet you are still the only one on the beach. Every time.
— This is one of Placencia’s mysteries. No one has solved it. But it is why many people come back again and again!

Remax Vip Belize: Tourists are the hotels
12.) Burglar bars don’t mean you are in a “bad” part of town.
—Belize is a DIY country. Also, it is known that if you leave your stuff out, it means it must not mean a whole lot to you. Burglar bars just mean that the person building the house had a bit of extra money to add in this bit of security – there aren’t alarm companies down here yet and it is just a little extra peace of mind.
13.) If you are on the internet, as Placencia runs on facebook….you will write this infinity times to messages you will get – “No, sorry, I don’t know of any good long term rentals right now.”
—Yes, there is a shortage of these. But here is a good resource!
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Improve your mood immediately by looking at these Placencia, Belize beach bars!!

Remax Vip Belize: Tipsy Tuna Only
OK, that title is not totally backed by science, but we hope you enjoy these images from Barefoot Bar and Tipsy Tuna – our guests RAVE about the food and atmosphere at these two….they are the template for all beach bars!
This is the (famous Placencia) sidewalk in between CBC and Barefoot 🙂
Remax Vip Belize: Sidewalk in between CBC and Barefoot
This is the totally charming entrance from the sidewalk, heading to the beach at Barefoot Beach Bar…
Remax Vip Belize: Heading to the beach at Barefoot Beach Bar
Getting closer!
Remax Vip Belize: Getting closer Barefoot Bare
Tipsy Tuna has an equally adorable entrance! Just try not to get a picture of one of their many kitschy signs…
Remax Vip Belize: Tipsy tuna only
Remax Vip Belize: Tipsy tuna thankyou
Inside of Tipsy Tuna….at their opening, before the lunch and happy hour crowds roll in!
Remax Vip Belize: lunch and happy hour crowds roll in!
The seating on the beach at Barefoot Bar…have your pick of tropical colors
Remax Vip Belize: The seating on the beach at Barefoot Bar
 THIS VIEW….they share the beach seaside.
Remax Vip Belize: THIS VIEW....they share the beach seaside.
Looking down the beach the other way…
Remax Vip Belize: Looking down the beach the other way
The view of Barefoot, standing on the shore
Remax Vip Belize: The view of Barefoot, standing on the shore
Inside Barefoot
Remax Vip Belize: Inside Barefoot
Hopefully you are on your way here soon! If not, and you are looking at snow outside, then take advantage of the recent slew of discounted plane tickets to Belize, and get here!!
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On your way to Placencia, Belize for vacation? Here are some gorgeous images from around the village!

Remax Vip Belize : On your way to Placencia, Belize for vacation
Get more excited for your vacation (or take a break from looking at snow) by checking out some of our images below, these are mostly taken from the pier walking on Main Street…
Thank you Breeanna!!

The pier…the most southern tip of the peninsula…some really cute shops and great people watching!
Remax Vip Belize: The pier...the most southern tip of the peninsula
 On the right is Above Grounds coffee house, a great second floor balcony to people watch. You’ll feel like you are in a treehouse.
Remax Vip Belize: Coffee house, a great second floor balcony
 Mojo, another great second floor people-watching fun time…..Fridays they have a great Happy Hour 5-6:30…often there is live music on the balcony
Remax Vip Belize: Mojo, another great second floor people-watching fun time.
 One of the farmer’s markets in town, the produce is sold at these stands – not the grocery stores
Remax Vip Belize: Farmer's markets in town
 A Placencia favorite…the second floor balcony at Rumfish
Remax Vip Belize: A Placencia favorite...the second floor balcony at Rumfish
 Another farmer stand
Remax Vip Belize: Farmer stand
 Omar’s – great place for local food, or they will cook your fish for you!
Remax Vip Belize: Omar's - great place for local food
 There are several great spa/massage places you’ll see all through town!
Remax Vip Belize: Tree of Life
It is always fun to see the random vehicles that you don’t see in the US or Canada – driving around town in a golf cart, Indian/Chinese trucks, and Scooby Doo looking vans!
Remax Vip Belize: Indian/Chinese trucks, and Scooby Doo
 Tutti Frutti….everyone’s favorite stop
Remax Vip Belize: Tutti Frutti
 Main Street will give you a feel for a Central American village, whereas the sidewalk makes you feel like you are on the perfect Caribbean vacation…
Remax Vip Belize: Central American village
More to come! 🙂