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Belize Retirement 101: How to Retire in Belize

Belize retirement — Retire in Belize and live your best life by the Caribbean Sea

If you’ve ever planned to retire in the Caribbean, you might want to consider Belize as your retirement destination. Named in the 52 places to go in 2017 by the New York Times, this country offers many reasons to retire safely in Central America, here’s some of those reasons:

Named #2 best retirement haven by International Living Magazine, Belize has gone to great lengths to attract foreign retirees, such as the Qualified Retirement program. This program has incentives that allow you to retire in Belize and import your household items and vehicles duty-free. A QRP also pays no tax on foreign-earned income. To qualify, one must simply be aged 45 years or older, have a monthly income of at least $2,000 US dollars and comply with several other minor requirements. Incredibly, you must also live in Belize for a minimum of one month out of the year.

The Qualified Retirement Program is classed as one of the best in the world for tax breaks, to qualify for the QRP you must: Be 45 years or older, you can also include your spouse and dependents under the age of 18 in the program. Submit an application along with:

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Marriage certificate.
  3. A police record from your most recent place of residence, issued within a month prior to the application.
  4. A copy of each page (including blank ones) in your passport. Retain a notary public to certify the copy with his or her seal and mark how many pages are in the passport, the passport number, and your name.
  5. Proof of income. This can be in the form of a statement from a pension of an annuity company or from your bank. The statement must show that your income is at least $2,000 a month or the equivalent of at least $24,000 a year.
  6. Medical certificate stating that you are in good health and not HIV positive
  7. Color photos — four recent front-view and four side-view passport- size photographs of yourself and any dependents who are applying.
  8. You must also submit a non-refundable $100 application fee plus a “program fee” of $500 for yourself and $350 for each dependent. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll owe an additional $100. Also figure on $2,500 to $5,000 to retain an attorney who can steer you through the application process.

Advantages of the QRP — Qualified Belize Retirement Program

Paying no Belizean tax on foreign earned income — you won’t be taxed twice on money you’re bringing into the country. As a QRP you can import your household goods tax-free up to a total exemption amount of $15,000. You can also bring in a vehicle tax-free, which can be a car, a light aircraft or a boat.

Every five years you can import a new vehicle tax-free as long as you sell the original vehicle outside of Belize.

In many countries you have to make a significant financial commitment in order to qualify for a program that provides financial incentives for living in the country. In Belize, you must simply prove an income of at least $2,000 a month.

Planning to retire in Belize and still have questions?

Since founding REMAX VIP, we have helped hundreds of clients safely complete their relocations to this beautiful Caribbean country.  If you too are ready to enjoy all the beauty and splendour Belize has to offer, call us and let us be your first friend in paradise.

Our path together extends well past the purchase of a property, to all aspects of investment and relocation, from financial structures to healthcare and even bringing in your family and pets!

Everything you need to know about Belize retirement is written on the 2024 Belize Relocation Guide by REMAX VIP

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Land at Local Prices: Cheap Land for sale in Belize

There are two real estate markets in Belize: the international market, and the local deals that never make it to the internet. Find cheap land for sale in Belize with the real estate experts. Contact us today.

There are two real estate markets in Belize – the international market for foreigners in tourist areas advertised on real estate websites… and there is the local market for cheap land in Belize.  Most older Belizeans at some point were lucky enough to be granted land under the condition that the land was productive. Others leased land from the government that they could title for a small fee.

From lush jungle to pristine beach, some property deals will never make it to the internet. Find cheap land for sale in Belize with the help of experts on the ground.
Looking for lush jungle or pristine beachfront? Some properties never make it to the online market!

Find Cheap Land for sale in Belize

Today, Belizeans can still apply for government land and receive it for pennies on the dollar.

Many locals need to sell and will sell cheap land in Belize, at prices far below the international market. Wow Belize has developed relationships with local brokers who can find these bargains and offer them to qualified clients. These deals NEVER MAKE IT TO THE INTERNET– as they are sold immediately.

While some of these lands are in uncharted regions, more due diligence is required, but some of these properties will be sold for PENNIES on the dollar. The best way to find cheap land in Belize, whether its jungle, riverfront, savannah or islands is to contact an agent with these local connections.

As every savvy investor knows, buying undervalued assets is the key to profits. Simply contact us to let us know what type and size acreage you are interested in and we will find it. You can also subscribe to our listing newsletter to see our best deals in your inbox, every week!

Browse our properties and find cheap land for sale in Belize.

If you are in the market for owning your first property in paradise, then look no further; Browse our website and learn more about Belize, whether you have specific questions, or just want to read more about the Caribbean lifestyle. Our team has also written, photographed, edited and published a relocation guide, which has been featured on several travel websites!


If you are looking for affordable land in the Caribbean, look no further. Wow Belize Real Estate brings offers local land at affordable prices. Not all deals make it to the internet so let us know exactly what you are looking for!
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The Jaguars of Belize

Jaguar Lying on a log in the jungle

The Jaguars of Belize: Nature’s Majesty Awaits You

When considering a move to a new country, many Americans dream of a location that not only offers a change of pace but also a unique and enriching experience. With its lush landscapes and diverse wildlife, Belize stands out as a prime choice. Among the many natural wonders you’ll find in Belize, the jaguars are undoubtedly one of the most captivating. This blog post aims to highlight the incredible biodiversity of Belize, its commitment to sustainability, and the excitement that awaits those who choose to call this paradise home.

Belize: A Biodiversity Hotspot

Belize is a treasure trove of biodiversity, a place that will leave you in awe. Despite its small size, it is home to an array of ecosystems, including rainforests, wetlands, savannas, and coral reefs. This incredible variety of habitats supports an astonishing array of wildlife, making Belize a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The Star of the Jungle: Jaguars

Among Belize’s most majestic inhabitants is the jaguar, the biggest giant cat in the Americas. These elusive and powerful creatures roam the country’s dense jungles and protected areas. Belize boasts the world’s first jaguar preserve, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1986. This sanctuary spans over 150 square miles and provides a critical habitat for jaguars and other species.

Rich Flora and Fauna

In addition to jaguars, Belize is home to over 500 species of birds, 150 species of mammals, and numerous amphibians and reptiles. The country’s marine life is equally impressive, with the Belize Barrier Reef being one of the wealthiest underwater ecosystems worldwide. This makes Belize not just a place to live but a destination where every day brings a new opportunity to witness nature’s wonders.

Toucans sitting on a branch in the rain forest.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Belize is recognized not only for its natural beauty but also for its dedication to sustainability and conservation. The government and various NGOs have worked tirelessly to protect its natural resources and promote eco-friendly practices.

Protected Areas and Conservation Efforts

Belize has designated over 26% of its landmass and 13% of its marine area as protected. This commitment ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy the country’s rich biodiversity. Efforts include the establishment of marine reserves, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Sustainable Living

For Americans considering a move to Belize, the country offers a lifestyle that aligns with sustainable living values. From eco-friendly housing options to community initiatives promoting green practices, Belize provides an opportunity to live harmoniously with nature. Regarding logistics, Belize offers a straightforward visa process for retirees and investors, and the country has a robust healthcare system with both public and private options.

Excitement Awaits You

Moving to Belize is about enjoying its natural beauty and embracing a new and exciting lifestyle. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Adventure and Exploration

Belize is a playground for adventurers that will ignite your sense of exploration. Whether you’re interested in hiking through dense jungles, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of the Barrier Reef, or simply basking on pristine beaches, Belize has it all.

Rich Culture and Community

Inside on of Belize's gorgeous Caves

Belize is a melting pot of cultures, boasting a vibrant mix of Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, Maya, and expatriates worldwide. This cultural diversity is reflected in the country’s festivals, cuisine, and daily life, providing newcomers a rich and welcoming environment.

A Slower Pace of Life

One of the main attractions for Americans moving to Belize is the slower, more relaxed pace of life, a lifestyle that will bring you peace. Away from the hustle and bustle of city living, you can enjoy a more tranquil and stress-free lifestyle. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the jungle, spending your days immersed in nature, and dining under the stars in your evenings.


Belize offers a unique blend of natural beauty, sustainable living, and a welcoming community. It promises adventure and discovery for Americans contemplating a move, exemplified by the majestic jaguars and the country’s rich biodiversity. With its commitment to conservation and a slower pace of life, Belize is not just a place to live—it’s a place to thrive. Moreover, Belize has a strong focus on safety and security, with a low crime rate and a dedicated police force, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

If the allure of Belize has captured your imagination, take the first step towards making it your new home. Dive into the adventure, embrace the excitement, and let the journey begin!