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Looking to have a unique, off-the-beaten-path experience in Placencia? Here are some ideas!

Remax Vip Belize: Looking to have a unique

There are some excursions and adventures that are well traveled and well known in Placencia- such as snorkeling at a caye, visiting a private island, hiking or seeing waterfalls, etc. Belize gets so many repeat visitors that our awesome tour guides are always coming up with new tours to keep guests coming back for more and more intense experiences!

Here are some of the off-the-beaten-path experiences that are NOT on everyone’s radar….yet…..but should be! Also great for repeat guests, or for those that live here – here’s a way to really blow your guests away with adventure 🙂 (all pics from provider websites)
Remax Vip Belize: guests away with adventure

Pick up in Placencia at Buba Waba’s Smoke Shack and Grill on Harbor Side Dr North next door to Day Tripper Catamaran just south of Top Value Supermarket in Placencia, 4pm. Beautiful 40 minute sunset boat ride to Monkey River Village. Delicious local dinner at Kecerene’s Restaurant (Percy’s Sister). Tour historical Monkey River Village, then boat ride up the river to explore its inhabitants with high-powered spotlights. Enter the jungle for the ultimate night jungle tour, and experience the sights and sounds of many different types of nocturnal wildlife…On request we supply bug shirts or bug hats to keep the insects out of your face and off your clothing! Exhilarating boat ride back to Placencia, in the DARK!! Returns at approximately 10PM.
What you’ll see: Crocodiles ~ Jaguars ~ Bats ~ Birds ~ Tarantulas ~ Tapirs ~ Wild Boar

Remax Vip Belize: Supermarket in Placencia
After the 60 minute drive to the wildlife sanctuary, headlights will be distributed to each person. First we fuel up with a hearty local dinner, followed by a briefing of the hiking trails.. The hike is around 2 hours long where you will have the chance to see tapirs, howler monkeys, river otters, 5 species of wild cats and many more. Various types of frogs, snakes and the morlet’s crocodile are prevalent in this area as well. After a short break, we collect river tubes and head to the river for night river tubing! The key to seeing wildlife is staying quiet and being in the right place at the right time. Sightings are never guaranteed but many animals are nocturnal and can only be seen at night!
6pm – 12 or 1am
$ 100 USD per person
What to bring: Hiking boots, long pants, insect repellent, bottle of water. Headlights are provided.
Remax Vip Belize: wildlife sanctuary
Taste Belize has well known food tours – I am including this one for people that are looking for exotic food trips!
Tomorrow Sunday at Taste Belize Tours join us for our famous Chocolate and Spice tour: Belize Spice Farm for fragrant vanilla, spicy black pepper, aromatic cardamom & allspice, sweet cinnamon, then its off to Ixcacao Chocolate for an unforgettable all you can eat Belizean Maya lunch followed by a tree-to-bar chocolate tour full of delicious samples where we make our own chocolate on heirloom stone tools. Email or call 664-8699/630-5253 to join tomorrow’s award winning hands on adventure!Barefoot Services Belize has three really unique ways to see Belize…
Remax Vip Belize:  Services Belize
If you are in for an adventure, Maya Sky Canopy boasts the most scenic zip line in Belize. Zip over the beautiful South Stann Creek River that rests between two valleys, just 1 hour from Placencia. Whether you are looking to soar with the birds or just see a gorgeous part of Belize, this location offers the perfect activities for you, all under the direction of well-trained professional guides.
You may add more activities on the same property:
– River tubing or
– Maya King waterfallHorse Back Riding
Come for a ride on a beautiful family owned private ranch. This horseback riding adventure is perfect for both the experienced and non-experienced riders. The herd of gentle, well trained horses and staff will ensure you have a great time.
Tour details:
Time: 8am – 1:00pm
Price: $100 usd per personDirt Biking in Belize!
We explore and ride off-road near Placencia. Swim at a River or Waterfall.
150cc of eye popping, open air 2 wheeled fun. Drive in the jungles near the Jaguar Preserve/Cockscomb basin, or see the scenic Sittee River then loop back to the Southern highway though the beach town of Hopkins. There is no such tour being offered and it is an absolutely adventures way to get to see Southern Belize. Spend some time on the coolest wheels in Belize.
Travel time: 4 hours Round Trip
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Need: valid motorcycle license or endorsement, an adventurous mindset, comfortable shoes, bug spray and sun screen, backpack.
Remax Vip Belize: adventurous mindset
This in an off the beaten path Tour that allows you to immerse yourself with the locals
with their authentic local cuisine and people! Enjoy live Garifuna drumming
while feasting on some delicious traditional Garifuna food.
Travel time: 40 minutes to 2 hours Round Trip
Level of difficulty: Easy
Need: An adventurous mindset, comfortable shoes, bug spray and sun screen.
Looking for Unique and Off-the-Beaten-Path experiences in Placencia, Belize? Here are some ideas by local blogger Laura Diffendal!
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What’s new in Placencia, Rotary auction & Sargassum seaweed!

Remaxvipbelize in Placencia
Let’s start with a few new fun things in Placencia Village –

New sub shop in Placencia! Chris, a great guy who has been living in Belize for several years – has opened a new restaurant where Hot Chicks used to be – and he is getting rave reviews about his Subs and Chicken! Check out Sidewinders Subs & Rotisserie Chicken on Main Street. Here’s his menu:

Remaxvipbelize - Let’s start with a few new fun things

Cha Chi’s has a new Thai Pop up Kitchen!
From their Facebook page:
We are excited to announce our Thai Pop up Kitchen this weekend with Chef Nantha from Siam Thai Belize.
We will announce the menu later this week
Thai food in addition to our regular menu will be dine in or take out 523-3305. 

Remaxvipbelize - Cha Chi'

New Store – The new Placencia Pharmacy has been in its new location for about a month – really nice!! And it is right around the corner from CBC 🙂

Remaxvipbelize - Placencia Pharmacy

Food Delivery – When you are in town and you are feeling lazy, and want to get food delivered – this is a relatively new place, getting great reviews, and they will deliver hot dogs and hamburgers to your door! The Burger Joint
From their Facebook page:

The Burger Joint will be serving burgers from 11am – 9pm. To order Call 626 – 5502 Delivery or Pick Up
$1.00 Wings Available
$2.00 Burger Joint Fries Available
$3.00 Joint Hot Dog’s Available
$3.00 Natural Juices Available
$4.00 Cheese Fries Available
$7.00 Joint Burgers with Cheese Available
More choices available on our menu.
Located in Placencia in front of the police station next to DeJa’s Closet
Remaxvipbelize - DeJa's Closet
Remaxvipbelize - DeJa's Closet
Remaxvipbelize - The Burger Joint

Fun Recent Event – The Rotary Auction ran by the Placencia Rotary Club is a very anticipated event every year – if you are in town, you’ve got to check it out, you will see it advertised all over the village, and the prizes are amazing – and such a good cause. Here are some pics from this year’s event:

Remaxvipbelize - Placencia Rotary Club
Remaxvipbelize - Placencia Rotary Club
Remaxvipbelize - Placencia Rotary Club
Remaxvipbelize - Placencia Rotary Club

Sargassum Update – Finally – yes, February was a Sargassum-ey month – yuck!!! We were blessed with wonderful and patient guests who made the best of it, even though some of them missed seeing the beautiful Placencia shores. It is understandable to be frustrated and upset when you look forward to your beach vacation and then happen to have the seaweed take over your shore – it is an unpredictable occurrence, and can go away quickly, or stick around – just when you think the beach can’t get worse, it can disappear. We wish that we had a way to predict it and deal with it better, those of us who are passionate about making our guests happy really wring our hands over it.

I found this very interesting and thoughtful thread on a Trip Advisor forum (from a seaweed invasion a few years ago, but it was similar to this one) – and I wanted to share it to show the VAST differences in reactions a guest may have to a “mother nature” problem. The initial “poster”/person had a rotten experience – but it wasn’t helped by their negative attitude and perhaps inflexibility. If you read the other posts, guests that were also in Belize during the same time had a wonderful experience. I couldn’t have written a better thread to explain how we hope visitors will choose to react to natural occurrences (in the responses of course!):

Next Up in Placencia – Easter Weekend!
If you are here for Easter weekend coming up – please note that every year there is always confusion and questions about what is open and when. I highly encourage people to check out the Facebook pages Placencia What’s Happening and Placencia Restaurants and Food for the most accurate info about what will be open.

What's New in Placencia, Belize? Find out in our Lifestyle blog, written by Laura Diffendal, a US expat in Belize