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Some very tranquil, peaceful images from around the sleepy Placencia Village right now…

Remaxvipbelize - Some very tranquil
We are in quiet, low season right now – but Placencia is always tranquil and low key, so while the village is less crowded, it is less noticeable than the high/low seasons other places where you may experience packed beaches in high season. In Placencia, if you have to wait for a table even in high season, it is a head scratcher, and that is part of the lovely charm it has. Our team is pretty obsessed with taking pictures because there is ALWAYS something charming to see when you walk around the village  – here’s a taste of the beauty and tranquility over the last couple weeks from our eyes!
This is most people’s first view of Placencia – the tiny, modest airport – most people cannot believe that they are actually going to land the puddle jumper on the tiny runway right next to the water….
Remaxvipbelize - Some very tranquil
This is Ranguana Caye – one of those islands that is truly jaw dropping every time….right out of a calendar.
Remaxvipbelize - Ranguana Caye
There is a TON of wild fruits growing all over the village – they are so exotic and gorgeous…
Remaxvipbelize - TON of wild fruits growing
CBC had a lovely beach wedding last week….here is the gorgeous bride and groom!! Congrats from all of us at CBC!!!
Remaxvipbelize - gorgeous bride and groom
Even in low season, you will find stocked farmer’s markets throughout the village….totally worth a stop, we bet you can’t identify at least a quarter of the produce in them!
Remaxvipbelize - stocked farmer's markets
Pelicans are always around the peninsula – but when they are, it is so super fun to watch them dive and act crazy!
Remaxvipbelize - Pelicans
Walking the beach walk in the village is especially tranquil this time of year….
Remaxvipbelize - Walking the beach walk
Garifuna drumming – one of the authentic cultural must do’s during your time here…
Remaxvipbelize - Garifuna drumming
One of the many spectacular sunrises recently….
Remaxvipbelize - spectacular sunrises
More crazy wild growing sea grapes!
Remaxvipbelize - More crazy wild growing
We love to capture the rustic simplicity around CBC…
Remaxvipbelize -love to capture the rustic
Amazing sunset…..
Remaxvipbelize -Amazing sunset
Always a wonderful place to stop – the pier, where there is always local culture to experience, no seaweed, and a wonderful pier…
Remaxvipbelize - wonderful place
More pics from Ranguana Caye, full of cute handpainted art…
Remaxvipbelize - pics from Ranguana Caye
Ranguana Caye clear water
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A fun newer place at the pier is Cool Coconuts – you are truly having a tropical vacation when you are drinking out of one…
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Adorable Cozy Corner from the beach side…
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Quiet sidewalk
Remaxvipbelize -Quiet sidewalk
 “fast food”
Remaxvipbelize - fast food
 Amazing harbor views
 Remaxvipbelize - Amazing harbor
 Main heart of town on the beach
Remaxvipbelize - Main heart of town
 Local stores – charming, vintage look buildings
Remaxvipbelize - Local stores - charming
 More harbor views
Remaxvipbelize - More harbor
 Quiet grocery shopping can be found…
Remaxvipbelize -  Quiet grocery shopping