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Spectacular couple weeks for Belize, in the news!!!

Remax Vip Belize: Spectacular couple weeks for Belize
I don’t know if I have ever seen Belize in the news as much as I have in the last couple weeks…here is a recap in case you missed any of these very positive, optimistic articles about Belize!!!1.) USA Today’s “10 Best” Awards….Readers choose out of their Top 20 picks, this time it is for Best Dive Site. The Blue Hole is one of Belize’s most famous adventures….there is still time to vote! Southwest Airlines is starting a new nonstop flight from Fort Lauderdale to Belize City, due to increased bookings!! My personal favorite…..WOW…..New York Times picked PLACENCIA, Belize as one of the top 52 places to visit in 2017! Although Belize typically gets a lot of attention, Placencia is still considered a small, rather remote village, and this is one of the few times it has gotten a nod like this in such a major publication!

4.) In lil’ old Tipsy Tuna on NYE…..there were two major celebrity sighting….Drew Carey and James Franco were seen having a blast!

5.), a “hotel tell all” site, ranked Belize as one of the “cheapest” Caribbean destinations to visit this winter!

6.) Business Insider ranked Belize as one of the 11 trips everyone in the 30’s should take!!

7.) ranked Belize as one of the top 15 places you should visit before they “fill up with tourists!” We agree that Belize is one of the few rustic and authentic beach vacations around…

8.) The Washington Post published this wonderful article about Belize, calling it “breathtaking.” 🙂–caving-and-diving–belize-is-breathtaking/2016/11/03/1c9c52a8-97bd-11e6-bb29-bf2701dbe0a3_story.html

9.) The Telegraph called Belize the most surprising Caribbean destination!