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Jaw Dropping Cayes — Ranguana, Silk, and Hatchet!

Remax Vip Belize : The Belize Cayes are jaw dropping

This post may trick you into thinking you are looking at a 12 month calendar of tropical places. That was what our group kept saying during our tour of the Cayes this past week…..we took an hour boat ride out to Ranguana Caye…..we saw dolphins on the way…

Remax Vip Belize: Dolphins
Caught this snapper!
Remax Vip Belize: Caught this snapper!

Then arrived at a jaw dropping island….I mean, the island of our collectice dreams. It was AMAZING! You can stay on Ranguana in rustic, stilted cabanas for $100us a night, or visit for the day, and snorkel with bonefish, lay out with the pelicans, and enjoy the most clear water and eye candy environment imaginable!

Remax Vip Belize: Snorkel with Bonefish
Remax Vip Belize: island
Remax Vip Belize: Inside Sea view
Remax Vip Belize: Inside Sea Nature view
Remax Vip Belize: Swan on Beach
Remax Vip Belize: Belize island nature
Remax Vip Belize: Belize House Nature view
We then went over the Silk Caye, where we snorkeled with turtles the size of cars, 8 foot stingrays, and nurse sharks!!

**Note, these are courtesy of google images, but this is exactly what you will see!

Remax Vip Belize: Silk Caye on sea
Remax Vip Belize: Snorkeled with turtles the size of cars
Remax Vip Belize: Nurse sharks

We then stopped at Hatchet Caye for a beer and ceviche, and had more great views!

Remax Vip Belize: Hatchet Caye

This was an amazing outing that I suggest, most tour operators will be happy to arrange it!!